A Few Snippets

Mommy lesson: a child who has not peed in their bed in weeks will do so promptly the first night at Grandma and Grandpa’s house, when there isn’t a waterproof cover on the mattress.

I slept in until almost noon today. Pure heaven.

We played outside in the snowbanks, rolling around in the snow, making snow angels, gentle tosses into drifts. Cameron decided to eat snow, and pronounced it yummy. He insisted on shoveling the deck, and wanted a close look at the bird feeders.

Joe boots rock. I don’t care what Lori says. I can’t help but wonder what her reaction would be seeing Cameron up to his waist in snow, in -15C.

I’m so glad I only brought toys for Cameron for the plane trip. They have a kazillion toys in the basement – all kinds of construction trucks, a train, a barn, two airplanes, bouncy balls. Janice spent years doing primary education and has training up the wazoo in early childhood education, so she’s got plenty of books.

Until now Cameron hasn’t clicked with the Rebus books – you know, the ones with the pictures replacing some words? Today we read the one where the little boy hears noises and thinks he hears Santa, and his face just lit up. He got it.


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