Two Days of Happy

Picking up a handful of snow and letting the wind drift it down over Cameron as he made snow angels – it’s snowing! He laughed so hard, thrilled at snow falling. Nevermind that we’ve seen a tonne of the stuff come down over the last few days.

Waking up when I’m ready to, and hearing laughter drifting up from downstairs.

A drive to downtown Ottawa, along the Rideau Canal, past the War Memorial, through the Market, past 24 Sussex Drive (the Prime Ministers official residence, for you non-Canadians), the Mint, the Art Gallery, Parliament Hill, Sparks Street, and more. It was late, after supper, a trip to see the light displays. My little Cameron who adores lights even had enough.

A late-night trip to the park, with Cameron riding on a sled, because he’d begged to go. A wee rabbit hopped off down the street ahead of us. We just made it to the park when Cameron must have reached exhaustion, and he said, “Can we go hooooome?”

Two hours in the swimming pool. One worn out little boy.

A drive to my aunt Mimi and uncle Mike’s place for supper, through farmland. I adore the old farm houses here, and love to see them lit up for the holidays.

Supper with Dad, Janice, Kathy and Laurie (long-time friends of the family), and Mimi and Mike. Nothing quite like the warmth of family.

Reaching to Cameron in the back seat so he could hold my hand on the way home, when he was so tired but couldn’t sleep.

Many spontaneous hugs, kisses, and general loving from Cameron. “I love you Mama,” he says. Sometimes with enthusiasm, sometimes tears, sometimes a whisper.


2 responses to “Two Days of Happy

  1. I love your happiness posts.

    I read this, and then had to check on Allie before I could respond. I love her so much, I almost woke her up hugging her while she slept!

    We are very blessed.

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