Running With the Pack

The Girls have arrived – and by that I mean the trio of my little cousins (6, 8, and 11), down from Timmins with their parents. Which also means that chaos reigns in this house now.

I had worried a little about their arrival. That my sweet little love who takes a while to get used to loud noises and confusion might feel intimidated and scared. That he might get pushed aside as he tried to keep up with them. That there would be squabbles over toys. That the girls might fight over him as if he were a toy.


Immediately he fell into place with them, running here and there, his little footsteps eagerly keeping up with theirs – as they changed their pace a little to accommodate him. Games of hide and seek were altered a little so they were fun for all. “Come!” he invites, grabbing a hand, pulling a girl to play whatever game he’s invented. “Cameron, let’s play, here help me with this,” calls another a few minutes later. After last night’s general pack-running exuberance today they took turns with him. Allie, the oldest, read him stories, then Carolyn and Cameron played with a microphone. He and Paige, the youngest, assembled beads and plastic animals and other small bits to make potions to serve me and Grandpa. Between each playtime, they ran around resembling a pack of wolves eagerly reuniting.


2 responses to “Running With the Pack

  1. Aw. It sounds great! On home news, I have met Evan and now have a way of coordinating kitty stuff with him. It’s all good!

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