Back Home

Sorry about the lack of postings lately! I’m hopefully going to get back in the swing of things starting tonight or tomorrow… just one little problem, but I’ll get to that.

We left the Lake on Monday, and spent the next two days with Dad and Janice. Cameron went swimming with Grandma and daringly spent most of the time jumping into her arms, while Mommy slept in. Then we took him to the Agriculture Museum, which will get its own Adventure post soon. Cameron finally got to see live farm animals up close.

Tonight our 5:15 flight got off the ground at something like 7:45. Gotta love snow. Even though Ottawa’s airport was running smoothly, it seems Toronto suffered, and so all flights originating from there were delayed or cancelled. So it’s midnight. Which ‘feels like’ 3am. I must apologise to my fellow Air Canada passengers for the brief screaming interludes that interrupted their television and movie viewing. Cameron was a tired little boy. At least we had a whole row to ourselves.

On the way off the plane I had my hand on the armrest of the aisle seat when the gentleman behind me lost control of his heavy bag coming out of the overhead compartment. Given how it hurts and has swollen, I’m guessing a fracture. If it’s still bad tomorrow I’ll drop Cameron at daycare and head to have it looked at.

So, we’re home. Many thanks to Chris and downstairs neighbours, Nimoo Kitty is sane (as much as she ever was), healthy, and I believe this was the first trip home ever that she hasn’t managed to pee on my bed. Knock on wood … she may still pull that tonight, but I cleaned out her litter box, so she has no excuse.

Okay, enough typing for my hand for tonight.


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