Return to the Library

I started the process of rebuilding my library of suppers today, with Cameron’s help.

My wonderful friend Chris, with help from my downstairs neighbours, looked after Nimoo while we were gone. Unfortunately, the massive and prolonged dump of snow that Vancouver received paralyzed the city, and there was no way she could make it in for almost a week. The good news is that Nimoo is a resourceful kitty, and managed to get into her food container. The bad news is that Chris had quite a mess to deal with. Moo had knocked her food dishes to the floor, shattering them. And the power bar my fridge is hooked up to is flakey; it had switched off. While I didn’t leave much in the fridge, what was there must’ve reeked. My library of suppers was ruined. Chris, awesome person that she is, did not just leave the mess for me to deal with on my return. She cleaned out the fridge and freezer, took out the garbage, and washed all the dishes!

A number of people have commented that it’s too bad I lost all those suppers. And it is. But let’s face it … some weren’t going to get eaten. The meatloaf was too salty. The stew was too vinegary. Cameron plain-old didn’t like the chicken.

So it’s time to start again, fresh.

Today I started with recipes gleaned from The Toby Show. With Cameron’s help I made the Bolognese sauce (with buffalo meat) and the spinach pesto, and I now have turkey and rosemary mini-meatballs in the oven. Cameron ate the pesto by the spoonful! The Bolognese was a little … erm … flat. It needed something, so I added wine. Better. More wine, a bit of beef boullion, a pinch of nutmeg. Better. Still, I think I may chop some tomatoes and carrots tomorrow, add them, and simmer a while. That said, maybe I won’t. Cameron gobbled it up, even the meat.

Tomorrow we’ll make my own broccoli and cheese soup (with hidden carrots and sweet potatoes). If I haven’t already posted that recipe, I’ll do it tomorrow. Next up will be breaded chicken strips, and maybe a beef stroganoff.

Soon I’ll invite Chris over for supper!


2 responses to “Return to the Library

  1. You sound so organized kitchen wise!

    Good thing your downstairs neighbour was there for Nimoo… I hope? I could only imagine what your littler box looked like if not… yikes. LOL


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