A Simple List

Some of these things are mundane, some are going to be slight stretches. But these are things I would like to be able to say I have accomplished this year. This is not a list of shoulds. This isn’t a list of musts. This is a list of wants. Realistically attainable wants.

Lisa of Greedy Grace shortened her friend’s 101 in 1001 list to 65 in 365. That would be things to do in days. Nearly three years is a mind-blowingly long time for someone who can barely plan for next week, so I’m with Lisa. A year is lots. I’ve even started some of these … you’ll notice I’ve already read one new book. I’ve already tried three new recipes.

Will I accomplish my list? Stay tuned …

1.    Take an overnight ‘holiday’ on my own.
2.    Read a book a month. Has to be one I haven’t read before! (1/12)
3.    Go out on a date with a guy I actually like.
4.    Publish in a magazine
5.    Buy ‘good’ face moisturizer for myself (Hope in a Jar)
6.    Teach Cameron that it’s okay for Mommy to go pee with the bathroom door closed … and him on the other side of it!
7.    Go to the dentist
8.    Make it a habit to get to bed before midnight!

9.    Get to the Lake in the summer
10.    Take Cameron camping
11.    Take Cameron to Joffre Lakes
12.    Take Cameron kayaking

13.    Get a housecleaning service to do the apartment once.
14.    Get sink drain fixed
15.    Get the carpets cleaned
16.    Get a bookshelf that isn’t falling apart … and one for Cameron too.
17.    Track weather and daily activities/accomplishments on calendar with Cameron for a month

18.    Lose ten pounds
19.    Go to the gym 3x/week for a month (restart at week missed!)
20.    Do 100 pushups straight
21.    Do 100 situps straight
22.    Run 10K
23.    Sell bike trailer and get bike seat for Cameron

24.    Sell backpack carriers
25.    Sell stroller
26.    Track finances for a month
27.    Start a savings account
28.    Start a RESP/education savings for Cameron
29.    Get Cameron a social insurance number
30.    Spend a month focusing on reducing my grocery bill – coupons, sales, use what I buy

31.    Get passports!
32.    MAIL six birthday cards
33.    Call Nana 1x/week for 1 month to start the habit (restart at 0 each missed week)
34.    Make an informed vote in Provincial election
35.    Start Christmas shopping by  August
36.    Send out ten Christmas cards
37.    Finish Christmas shopping by December 15th
38.    MAIL Fathers day cards
39.    MAIL Mothers day cards
40.    Keep clothes off my bedroom floor for two weeks
41.    Leave kitchen sink empty (ie all dishes cleaned) every night for one month
42.    Go through storage closet and pitch as much as I can
43.    Donate blood (surely they have blood drives at work. I work in a hospital for crying out loud)
44.    Install fire escape ladder from either Cameron’s bedroom or living room window

45.    Plant a garden with Cameron
46.    No using the clothes drier for one month in the summer
47.    Revisit the garbage reduction month challenge

48.    Spiff up my office, make it MINE
49.    Take industrial first aid course
50.    Learn ten more words/phrases in Mandarin
51.    Update my resume in December

52.    Do a month in photos (take a picture of something every day)
53.    Knit or crochet something. Even just a washcloth.
54.    Make Christmas ornaments with Cameron – will be an annual tradition
55.    Pay it forward – I need to make three home made gift items!
56.    Try twenty new recipes (3/20)
57.    MAKE a soft/padded/upholstered bench thing … I know what I mean, even if others don’t.

58.    Come up with five more things to do (come on, some neat things I can’t think of now will turn up!)
59.    Future
60.    Future
61.    Future
62.    Future
63.    Future


64.    Blog about these tasks as I finish them
65.    Make a new list for next year


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