Waking up at three in the morning, and realizing that the sound I heard was Nimoo snoring, not Cameron wanting to go pee. Realizing then that it’s really that time, and I really can go back to sleep.

Cameron happily playing with toys in the living room while I had a quick shower this morning.

Finally my hair is growing close to my old style. I got to see my favourite hair stylist, and got a cut approximating what I’ve had for years. It’s amazing how a really awful cut can make you appreciate the one you were bored with.

Peace after a screaming fit, a calm counting to three, and a time out in his room. Yes, he was one sad little boy when I went to tell him time out was over, perched on the edge of his bed, his blanket wadded up and cuddled in his lap. But it was a time out that wasn’t entirely screams. It was a time out without me yelling at him. Even better, the sadness evaporated by the time we reached the kitchen, and the tantrum didn’t return.

Dancing in the kitchen to the sheep song. Some baaa, some bray, some bleat – they’re all sheep!

Cameron is remembering to say please often, all on his own!

Figuring out why Cameron says “Close the lights.” Of course. It’s a well-duh answer. One of his daycare providers is French Canadian. It’s a common translation problem – as that’s literally what you say in French. Close the lights.

Cameron ate, and liked, spinach.

Cameron’s sleepy giggles as the starlight turtle’s stars sprinkled across me as I leaned down to kiss him. I really like the effect of the turtle in his small room, with its low and sloped ceiling. The stars change in size, and are quite crisp and clear, and cover the entire ceiling.

The hot bath that is filling up right now!


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