Scoop the Poop!

It’s been a long time since I lived in a location that routinely has large depths of snow piling up. Even still, I think that I may be able to offer some advice to certain Vancouverites about snow etiquette.

Did you know you’re supposed to shovel your walkways? Heck, the way the city treats snow removal, you’d think you’re also supposed to shovel your streets. But anyway, there is a bylaw in Vancouver about clearing snow and ice from the sidewalks infront of your house.

You no doubt are aware that dog owners are responsible for picking up their dog’s poop, whether it’s in a park, neighbour’s yard, or sidewalk. But did you know that this applies no matter what the weather? Rain, sun, fog, and yes – even snow. Perhaps those of you who don’t bother think that the property owners are supposed to shovel and so you can leave it for them to deal with? Or perhaps it’s just a case of, hey, the snow is falling and in five minutes nobody will see it.

I know that for the most part dog owners are very responsible about this, and it’s just a few pathetic and inconsiderate people who think their dog’s poop just magically disappears. I find it interesting that the sidewalk leading to Cameron’s daycare was absolutely horrible. Every two or three paces there would be a partially concealed pile, slowly revealing itself as the snow melted. Four houses’ walk, and I would say at least thirty piles. Certainly the lack of snow removal along those sidewalks contributed, as had it been shoveled the poop wouldn’t have been on the walk, but you can’t blame this on the home owners. The park nearby is often scattered with dog droppings, but the sidewalks normally stay clear. So why suddenly when there’s snow falling is it okay to not scoop the poop?

I’m glad to see the snow gone. I love how it covers over everything, I like small tastes of winter, but I’m really tired of dealing with poop covered boots on my son.


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