Weekend Happinesses

Having Betty here is in itself a happiness – she’s great company, fun, we always laugh a lot, and she always has a different perspective to offer. A reality check sometimes, of sorts. We have a lot in common, and can bug each other about things … procrastination, awfulizing, bad habits … without it being annoying or hurtful.

This whole weekend has been full of happinesses, starting with Cameron’s excitement when he saw Betty drive up. He had been waiting at the window, checking now and then,  and her arrival had him dancing and waving.

Foggy beaches. I know, some people might find this dreary, but I love it. On Saturday the sun was shining brilliantly after a week of fog, and we made plans to head for a beach to enjoy the weather. But by the time Cameron woke from his nap, the fog had rolled back in. We went anyway. Standing on Kits beach, you should be able to see the North Shore, some of downtown, and south of you, Kits. But with the fog, it was isolated and peaceful. Two fog horns alternated, low and reassuring. A heron glided through the fog, barely visible, to land on rocks. Cameron scampered about, looking at rocks and sticks.

A warm kitchen filled with smiles and laughter. Hannah and her friend Liz joined us for supper – an easy frozen chicken lasagna, broccoli cooked in the wok with some pesto, and salad. I’ve really got to make an effort to get together with Hannah more often, and have no real excuse given that she’s on campus.

Sunday mornings curled up on the couch. Not even just that I got to curl up on the couch – seeing Cameron and Betty snuggled together, watching Cars, was wonderful. We watched, we ate oatmeal, and the day began gently. Oh, and a big happiness was also having someone intercept Cameron’s path in the morning. He came out of his room, from the sounds of it, and there was Betty! Which meant I got a little bit more time to wake slowly.

Having a full pantry cupboard, freezer, and fridge. With a car handy, we did a giant grocery shopping trip. I mean giant. I’m still a little flabbergasted. It was also great, again, to have someone there to help. Betty pushed Cameron around in the cart for a while, and I dashed down the aisles to grab things on my list.

Betty arrived with a garbage truck Tonka toy for Cameron, but unfortunately it was broken! So back it went. The store didn’t have any more like it, and Cameron was quite taken with the idea of a garbage truck toy, so Betty picked up a larger one that is a recycling and garbage truck together! Even better! Cameron was so excited about his new toy. Big hit!

DUDE! Cameron has a baseball cap, from Betty. It looks so hilariously cute on him. She’s got him saying, “Dude!” and “What’s going on Dude?”

A package arrived today for Cameron in the mail, which was odd. It’s Sunday. But the truck delivered it today. Inside, a few toys for Cameron, and a LION! That’s right, Dad and Janice sent him a lion stuffy with a note. It explained that this is a good lion, and he has promised to protect Cameron. He just needs a few hugs now and then. Perfect! Cameron wanted the lion in bed with him tonight – it’s perched on his big dog Arf-arf, under a star-sprinkled ‘sky’, standing guard while Cameron sleeps.

Cameron’s tired little arms wrapping around me, as he tries to get his face against my skin. The day was filled with “I love you,” “You’re my mommy,” and hugs.


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