Sleepy Happinesses

Solved a mystery at work, as to why I was doing something wrong. I was perpetuating something the person before me had done wrong! Phew. Turns out that it’s just as well. I’d charged the wrong account for something, but the account it should go on is the one I’m paid from (I think) so I cannot manage it. Charging the ‘wrong’ one means that I can handle these expenses (they’re unrelated to my pay), so I can do it this way and invoice the other account to transfer funds in one big lump occasionally. Clear as mud? That’s okay. I understand it, and this makes me relieved and happy.

My friends and acquaintances at work seemed to ‘get’ what was up today and pretty much either visited to offer their support, share venting, or just stayed out of my hair.

Taking four messy piles of papers and slowly consolidating them into one nice, ordered and organized pile with crisply lined up edges. Seeing numbers lining up as they should, adding up as they should, columns filling up, blank spots being filled. Getting closer to being where I feel I should be in terms of keeping track of finances at work.

Cameron’s hug and eager chatter when I got to daycare to pick him up. I’ll admit it, I had been dreading picking him up. It was one of the very rare times that I wished someone else could do it. But it turned out okay. “I missed you all day long,” he told me!

We stopped at Plenty on the way home, a store that Cameron loves to go in to, and a store that has clothes I love. I just can’t afford them unless they’re on sale! Cameron for some reason wanted me to go into the change rooms, but I knew I wasn’t going to buy anything, so I told him I didn’t have anything to try on. Two minutes later, Cameron was at my side again, holding up a size zero pair of pants. So nice that he thinks Mommy is skinny! I laughed, and told him they wouldn’t fit. He found a sales assistant to help him find pants that would fit me! Oh, and I found a pair of black pants I do like. Over $100, on sale for under $40. None in my size, but another store we can easily get to tomorrow has two left in my size.

We played the stepping game on the walk home. Little steps, giant steps, running steps, sideways steps, backwards steps, jumping steps, galloping steps, wide steps … and window steps. I’m not too sure what window steps were, possibly winding steps? It keeps us moving forwards at least, and keeps Cameron happy while we do it.

The firefighters were pulling out the “big rig” (the engine) for its shift checkover when we got there. One of them remembered Cameron by name, and my little guy had a blast with him. It was hard to hear what was being said, but I heard the firefighter say something about a hose in a question. Cameron nodded, and the firefighter went around back, hauled out a hose, and fastened a nozzle to the end – then yes, beckoned to Cameron. Faced with this strange new thing, Cameron wasn’t too sure. He likes to see things and get used to them, particularly if they’ll be noisy, or if there’s lots of flashing lights and noise … like a fire truck. I joined them, and wrapped my arms around Cameron to keep him where he was, and when the pressure was on – pulled back the lever. Whoooooosh! Next up, Cameron’s turn. He did it! I love seeing my sweet little one conquer his apprehension. I loved telling him that I was proud of him, and pointed out that he had been scared but he was brave and did it anyway.

Supper. My god that child ate. Three chicken strips, a cup of broccoli and carrot soup, that’s around twice what he’ll normally eat. A half a banana. A handful (my handful, not his) of large blackberries. A small piece of cake. Nearly a cup of milk. A cup of yogurt, half a cup of applesauce. His little tummy was not so little he was so full! I was amazed – and amazement makes me happy. Also knowing that there’s no way he’ll possibly be hungry at midnight makes me happy.

Sleep. He’s asleep. Not without a small struggle, but I curled up with him under the starry ‘sky’ of his room, and ever so quietly and gently recited Goodnight Moon. He was snoring and twitching before I hit the goodnight part, and sound asleep by the time I was done. I just relaxed, holding him, and stayed for a while.

My list of things from yesterday? I’ll do two of them. While my bubble bath fills up. Then I’m going to bed, as tomorrow is going to be a busy day, and it has to start earlier than usual.


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