Happinesses on a Sunday

Cameron woke up at a decent but not late hour – 7:30. I recognize fully that not so long ago I would’ve marveled at this and considered it sleeping in, so I do appreciate it. All the same, I wasn’t ready to get up. So it was the weekend morning drill. Get him to go pee, get some breakfast for him. Making oatmeal with his help, in a clean kitchen with the rising sun brightening the sunshine-yellow room made me happy. Sleepy still, but happy. I got him settled in the comfy chair, and got his current favourite video playing (Cars). A hug and a kiss, and a sweet, “Love you Mommy … oooh, it’s starting Mommy! It’s loading,” and I got to go back to bed. For an hour!

Breakfast with Chris, Carly, and Lolo at a nice little café that isn’t far away was lovely. Cameron was hyper and fidgety, and really needed to be off running and burning off some energy, but given that he was remarkably well behaved. He ate a tonne, but wonder of wonders, reluctantly agreed to share two bites of banana pancake with Lolo. Sharing food that’s already been deemed as his is a big thing for my little Cameron. So this was big. He likes her.

Chris, Cameron, and I spent the afternoon off doing errands and shopping. Good to catch up with her. It’s been far too long.

If Chris is right, an attractive guy was watching me with interest. So he was a total stranger. So I’ll never see him again. It was still an ego boost.

The piles upon piles on my dresser and the shelf above it are sorted, tossed, or put away. A load of laundry got done … okay, my downstairs neighbour moved it from the washer to the drier, and I appreciate it. Clean towels! A few items are off my floor. Cameron’s art and craft supplies are all in a new Ikea basket. The shoe baskets have been sorted and re-purposed, as while it looked good it wasn’t working. They were a catch-all for everything, and overflowing. Now I have a two-level shelf for shoes, a basket for gloves, mits, and hats, and another basket for slippers. The kitchen is clean, dishes washed, surfaces wiped (day three?).

Again, Cameron was one sleepy little boy by evening. A second day without a nap, and he was so tired he was nearly beside himself by the time we were eating supper. He finished it in the tub. Oh, and he won’t suffer from the fear that many toddlers apparently have, of being sucked down the tub drain. He was trying to go down the drain tonight, and complained that he couldn’t because he was too big. He was too tired to object to helping tidy his trucks, too tired to object when I picked the stories for tonight, too tired to insist on sitting beside me instead of snuggling. And … too tired to stay awake for both stories. Before I knew it he was snoring, curled up in my arms. I held him and quietly told him how much I love him, and how proud I am of him.


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