Playtime and Worktime Happinesses

A clean kitchen. Okay, the floor needs a mopping, but the dishes are cleaned, the sink is empty, I’ve wiped the table, counter, and stove. I’ve swept the floor. The hall is tidy too, as is the livingroom, though it needs a vacuum. I’m fifteen minutes closer to having a tidy bedroom. It may take another month, but it’ll happen. Two loads of laundry done and put away, not left in a heap on a chair.

On the down side, Cameron woke up sopping wet at six in the morning. He was distraught, poor little guy, and I wasn’t awake enough to handle it quickly. Still, with lots of hugs and kisses and reassurances, I got him changed into dry PJs, and we fell asleep in my bed. The happy part here is that we didn’t wake up until after 8:30.

A frosty playground, still shaded in the winter morning, grass crisp even though we’re only meters from the sea. Okay, bay in a straight, but it’s still sea level and salt water. We raced across the park to an old fire truck that had been turned into a play structure, Cameron’s little legs not yet able to move him fast enough to even keep up with Samuel, though I’m pretty sure Cameron’s taller. Seven months makes a big difference at this age.

We played briefly on the sandy beach, turning over the small rocks we found, and with each one Cameron sighed. “No crabs.” Beaches here are boring when you’re used to the fun of turning over any one of a thousand barnacle-covered rocks to uncover scurrying dozens of crabs. But still, he played, and threw sand at the small waves, and clamboured around on the big rocks.

In the living room this afternoon he wanted me to lift him up high, supported by my feet as I laid on my back. In the past he’s clung tightly to my hands, reluctant to let go. Today? As soon as he was up, he flung his arms and legs out to pretend he was a bird, a rocket, an airplane. Then a dismount in a carefully controlled tumble – head tucked down, I flipped him over into my hands, feet down to the ground beyond my head. Cirque du Soleil, here we come?

I finished Ghost Map tonight. It got a little tedious at one point and I left off reading, but I wanted to finish it. Now on to another book. Not sure which is next yet, will decide and start tonight though.

One exhausted little Cameron fell asleep on my lap after stories, long after his normal bedtime. He didn’t nap today despite my best efforts, so he must have been very tired. All the same, for a tired little guy, he remained in pretty good spirits all evening. As he drifted off he carefully and quietly said, “I love you my mommy.”


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