Priority Acceptance

I have my list of 65 in 365, and pages upon pages written here where I look for things to improve, things to change to improve my life or my parenting. I’ve even accepted that there’s a good chance I won’t get half of that list accomplished … they aren’t need to do things, just things I’d feel good about doing.

Judy, a friend of mine and mother to a sweet little boy Cameron’s age, sent a very insightful email to me last week, and I very much appreciate it.  It’s percolating through in my mind, sitting back there, coming to the forefront every now and then.

A couple of weeks ago Kristin of Motherhood Uncensored challenged her readers to write about what they plan to do in 2009 to take better care of themselves. I contemplated sending in a link to my list, or about Mama Renew since that’s what it’s all about, but neither one felt quite right. Judy’s email did.

If I do one thing this year that will really make a difference, it will be to embrace what Judy wrote. I hope she won’t mind if I quote her here:

You can just be you and be great. Be smart. Be kind. Be a good mom. Be compassionate. Be fun. Be witty. Be happy. Be Melanie.

There. That’s what really matters. It’s not a list I can check off, it’s not anything measurable in a quantitative way. It won’t matter if I tick off every one of the 65 items (even the ones reserved for specifying later) before December 31, 2009. But it will matter if I make an effort to allow myself to enjoy following Judy’s advice. What it boils down to isn’t doing each of those things individually – it’s about acceptance.


2 responses to “Priority Acceptance

  1. Hi Melanie,
    I just wanted you to know that I have been very inspired by your “65 in 365” post from so long ago… and that although I live in Colorado and I’m now an empty nester, in a strange way, I feel a kindred spirit connection with you -perhaps because our writing and life goals are similar.
    Mostly I just wanted to say that I have appreciated what you share here and that it enriches my life, so know that it’s significant work whether it’s in a magazine or not.
    I hope that helps to convince you of the value of your voice. Remember what you said: “That’s what really matters. It’s not a list I can check off, it’s not anything measurable in a quantitative way.”

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