Happinesses on a Dreary First of February

It didn’t rain all day. Some of what fell from the sky was snow. At some point the snow has got to stop, this is not Narnia, there is no White Witch. This is Vancouver. In two weeks we should be seeing crocuses … but given the temperatures I’ll say four weeks.

The coffee shop had our umbrella still, which we left on Thursday. Phew. Also, an old grad student friend of mine was there, so we had a brief chance to catch up.

Cameron bouncing in the bouncy castle. Unlike before, when his jumps would be hesitant, he happily showed me how high he could bounce. He’s still limiting himself, but that’s just my little love. He likes to be in control, he does not like unpleasant surprises such as falling down, even onto a soft surface.

Watching Cameron sharing without a fuss, asking for a turn, and saying ‘excuse me.’

Standing in the slushy rain, watching Cameron watch the construction. Yes, they’ve all but shut down one of the city’s busiest intersections again. Tomorrow’s rush hour will be hell, but at least this afternoon I got to see Cameron’s eyes widen as he registered that the vibrations he felt in the ground were from the jack hammer attached to the front-end loader.

A meal at a restaurant without the presence of the restaurant lions. They’ve fallen out of favour lately, I believe. They now have their own home, and have other things to do. Apparently they’re busy lions.

We ran, squealing and laughing, almost the whole way back from the restaurant. At first I chased Cameron, then he chased me. His cheeks were rosy as he panted and huffed up the stairs once home.

Painting imaginary stars and smiley faces on Cameron’s tummy in the tub. Who needs paint? We could see the colours just fine.

Clean clothes are folded and put away. No clothes are on my floor, none are on the couch or chair in the living room, and the laundry basket is no longer overflowing.

Ending Cameron’s day with a snuggle and an, “I love you,” and being able to leave his room while he’s still awake. I sat in his doorway, reassuringly there (it’s a gradual process), and struggled to cast on stitches. I’m determined to learn to knit. Like I don’t have enough challenges on my plate right now. Still, it was wonderful to sit there in my son’s doorway, wrapped in an afghan my Nana knit me when I was young, Nimoo-kitty curled on my lap, while I slowly created something from nothing.


2 responses to “Happinesses on a Dreary First of February

  1. ooooh! i can teach you how to knit!

    i’ll bring my stuff with me on sunday. which reminds me – brunch sunday again?

    i just heard from my autoshop, and they should have my car all purring and happy by end of day tomorrow, so you can see my little hunk-o-junk. and i won’t be on anyone’s schedule.

    and then we can hang out either at your place or somewhere and knit.

    or, both!

    do you need needles, yarn and/or easy patterns?

  2. Hon, I can help with knitting too — hey! Our brunch could turn into a stitch n’bitch… That’d be fun!! We could head to either of our places and knit after brunch. NICE.

    Mel, hon, wondering what’s up with your Nana. Call me ‘kay?

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