Sleepy Happinesses

Been a bit of a rought evening, as I’m concerned about my Nana. I wrote something … and it just seemed shallow. So maybe I’ll try again another time.

But happinesses …

I’ve figured out how I might be able to call Nana without waiting until Cameron is asleep. It’s been difficult, as we’ve not really dealt with the whole “I can’t have a discussion with you and the person on the phone at the same time” issue. But he’ll let me wash dishes or do whatever in another room while he watches one of his favourite videos now. So I can call her while he watches!

Cameron and I played with facial expressions. He’d of course noticed them before, but this time made a conscious effort to mimic what I did with my eyebrows. Hilarious!

Cameron missed his nap today, which made for one cranky, tired little guy. He fell asleep cuddled in my lap while I read to him. I snuggled him once the story was done, and just held him for a while. He was just barely awakened when I put him in bed, long enough for him to give me a full-fledged pout, and a giggle.


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