Happiness Moments

Cameron and his friend Aly’s giggles as they scampered around the shopping carts at Caper’s, while Heidi (a single-mama friend of mine) and I got caught up.  They climbed into baskets, then each pulled another over their heads so they were sitting in boxes that resembled pet carriers, and howled with giggles.

Beginning to piece together a grand plan for kicking some butt gearing up a management plan in the lab. It’s a mess, and while a few people do a lot of cleanup work, and some do their share, there’s still a whole lot of unwashed flasks, crusty-dried media and sludge in the suction apparatus, unidentifiable powders around the scales, garbage left everywhere, benchcoat ripped and stained … and I don’t even want to think about the state of the EtBr area. There’s a multi-tiered plan in motion. Some people are gonna hate me. They’re going to have to cope.

Finally finding a source for acetonitrile. Yep, there’s a world-wide shortage of the stuff, and our usual source is only supplying a ration of 25% of our usual order. But their direct competitor has stock. Enough that their rep was comfortable saying that they can supply us with our needs! Now, they’re playing a little hardball. We have to agree to switch to them as a supplier for some other items that we currently purchase from our usual acetonitrile supplier. No big deal, as the competitor has better prices for a number of comparable items, and we were looking at switching anyway.

I called Nana while Cameron watched his Leapfrog video tonight. I want to hold onto that conversation in my memory, tuck it away to savour it. It’s not that we discussed anything monumental, it’s not that anything spectacular happened. It’s just that it was Nana, with more clarity than she’s had on the phone in some time, she was more responsive, she asked questions, and she had the energy to chat for a much longer time than usual. It was just a good, relaxed, catch-up chat. She got a little confused when I told her Mom, Cameron and I will drive from here to visit her next trip – “Drive? From Ottawa? Isn’t that a little far?” She doesn’t seem distressed about the loss of vision in one eye. She doesn’t seem distressed that she needs a new fancier wheelchair with better support. She sounded so happy I’d called, when I told her, “I was missing you today, Nana, so I thought I’d call you.”

I knitted two more rows while Cameron struggled to stay awake in his bed. That makes four, and wonder of wonders I still have the same number of stitches as I started with. My goal here is to get comfortable with the stitches (so far just knitting, next will be purling), and work out the tension so the stitches are even. And the idea of a knitting get-together post-brunch I love! The kids will play together I’m sure, and we can knit! I so want to make a sweater for Cameron – I think I have a relatively easy pattern, just need yarn!

I dreamed of marshmallows last night. Instant hot chocolate, the kind with the marshmallows included – but they always dissolve into froth immediately. In my dream though they were big and pouffy, and snipped into rabbit shapes like Mom used to do. It was a happy, pleasant-surprise kind of dream.

Sitting and enjoying a mug of warm milk, with a happy purring just-fed-treat-food Nimoo-kitty on my lap. End of the day. Bedtime.


7 responses to “Happiness Moments

  1. Ooh – I know which one you mean I think. Been there, loved it, and yeah it would be so easy to spend lots of money there!

  2. I’ve been trying to teach myself to crochet for the pay it forward thing I did (that you will eventually get once I make something that’s worth giving away!). I heard it was easier to crochet than knit, but I’m doing so great at the crocheting, either!

  3. I find knitting easier. With crochet it took me forever to figure out how to get the right number of stitches per row. one simple crocheted blanket I made, I had to start 3x until it was a square rather than a parallelogram or a trapezoid. But that’s just me… And yes, that’s the store I mean. it has some yarn on sale that I’ve heard is wonderful. I plan to get some… for next christmas’ gifts…

  4. I think it depends on which you learn first. I learned to crochet first, and find it pretty easy. But knitting I’m finding hard – can’t seem to hold the needles AND the yarn, AND get the stitches moved along the needle so they’re close enough to the end yet not falling off.

    Sale, huh? I’ll have to try to get there!

  5. Ooooh – how fun that you’re knitting! It’s my new addiction and i’m having so much fun with it.
    If you haven’t already discovered it, check out http://www.ravelry.com It’s like facebook/bbc for knitters, but much moe useful with tips and patterns and yarn reviews.

  6. oh yeah, I’m a ravelry addict. Just figured out how to put a link on my blog. It’s funny, because I actually learned how to crochet first, then switched to knitting. Now I’d do both depending on the project, but still find I mess up stitch numbers if I’m not concentrating. Sunday after brunch we’ll help you. Holding styles and knitting styles vary person to person. I have a great book that I’ve used to learn and a friend gave me a good tip that might help… Sunday after brunch — or maybe before??? — I’m planning on going to the store… unless you’re thinking Saturday afternoon would work better for you. But I think Carly wants to go too so post-brunch on Sunday may be the best…

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