Definition of Never

I never sleep with Cameron. Okay, not never, we nap together on the weekends. But night time sleep? Forget it! He’s way too loud, active, and he somehow becomes around seven foot three – or must be, for how much of the bed he takes up. He snuffles, snores, snorts, grumbles, grinds his teeth, and makes other noises I can’t begin to describe.

I also firmly believe that sleeping with him would start a habit that would take days upon days of misery to end. Just a couple nights in  a row of my cuddling him to sleep leads to a night of whining and crying and little sleep when I decide he needs to sleep on his own.

Because I think that kids and moms should have their own sleeping space.

So I never sleep with him at night.

Except that never has happened twice, two Wednesdays in a row I think.

It’s 12:10 and it’s time for me to go to my own bed.


2 responses to “Definition of Never

  1. LOL!! Been there! Still do on occasion! THAT is the reason Cody has my old queen sized bed. There was no room in the twin to get away with this..



  2. Same here. no sleeping together, except that i looooove it. So sweet and warm and snuggly. So we have one exception to that. After naps, i get him and we snuggle on the rocking chair and sometimes he’ll fall back to sleep. I love to rock and cuddle and snooze. But GOING to sleep… that has to be on his own or i’m afraid of what it would start.

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