Sick and Home

It was a trying day. I kept Cameron home from daycare, as I figured he would probably have the mid-afternoon fever spike he typically develops, and this alarms his daycare provider to no end. Every time. Seriously, half the day I wanted to run away. Cameron whined, asked questions incessantly and repeatedly and was never satisfied with the answers, and aimlessly yet frantically wandered doing things he knows aren’t okay. So instead of dwelling on that, I need to focus on the good parts.

A thousand I love yous. I heard it again and again today – sometimes right after I scolded him for doing something he shouldn’t do, sometimes during a hot feverish moment in the late afternoon, sometimes a little hand found mine and he just leaned against me with a quiet, “I love you. You’re my mommy.”

We fixed the toilet together. The flapper that covers the drain at the bottom of the tank had broken right off, so that every time someone flushed I had to take off the lid, reach in (yuck), and drop the flapper back where it belonged. If I didn’t get it just right the tank would fill but dribble for hours. Turns out that a flapper and attached chain only cost around six bucks, and are super easy to put in. Why have my building manager send a plumber and spend probably a hundred bucks – in the process perhaps drawing her attention to the fact that I haven’t had a rent increase in six years – when I could do it myself for six? So, Cameron kneeled on the toilet seat and held the bag for the old flapper to go in, held the new one while I attached the chain, and tossed it into the tank when I said “Okay!” A quick flip-flip, and the flapper was attached. He listened intently as I explained how the toilet works, as we flushed to be sure it sealed properly. Ta-dah!

A remembered happiness – yesterday. I didn’t get a chance to write about it, but the day was marvelous. Even with me and Chris entirely missing meeting up at the wool shop because there are two of them on the street, ten blocks apart. Cameron wasn’t feeling well, so he had a tough time sharing with Lolo, but they did have a blast in the tub together. I borrowed Carly’s wisdom, and asked Cameron which toys he could cope with sharing in the tub, and made sure that there were lots of each type (three scrub brushes, four ducks, and around eight boats) and a tonne of bubbles. Good times with friends new and old, yummy food I didn’t make, and kids’ giggles.

Despite being sick, Cameron was marvelous at remembering, “No, thank you,” and “Excuse me please!”

I dozed in the comfy chair, nestled with Cameron, while Cars played. I know the movie well enough I barely have to focus my eyes to figure out how to answer the thousand and one whymommies.

At bathtime, I fed him slice by slice the kiwi he had picked out at the grocery store. It wasn’t quite ripe and so was mouth-puckeringly sour. We had fun laughing over it, and he loved it. I swear, I’m buying that kid limes. Is this related to me eating so much sour stuff while pregnant to keep nausea under control? He’s hilarious! Each mouthful he’d almost spit it back out, hunch over, squish up his face as he shuddered all over, and announce, “Oooh! Soursoursour! More please!”

I found one pair of dry track pants for Cameron to sleep in (five wet pairs of pants today good god …. Whups, happythoughtshappythoughts), as he’s far too hot to sleep in his thick fleece PJs.

Sitting in the darkness, holding a hot little hand, feeling his muscles slowly relax. Sleep.

Here’s hoping it lasts all night!


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