Still Sick

I’m trying like anything to remember that when I’ve been sick for a few days, it takes around as many days to feel better. After having a fever and tummy ache, I’m easily tired and restless, and generally out of sorts.

Cameron has taken around thirty five steps backwards. Now, granted, he’s been dry two days (not nights, but hey, don’t look a gift horse in the mouth). The walk to the bus is horrible – whining, crying, begging for snuggles every thirty centimeters, howling to be picked up. The bus ride? Around the same, except that he wants away from me, he wants nobody to look at him, he’s kicking people. The trip home wasn’t too bad tonight, he just started crying the last block and a half, telling me that no I couldn’t see the house, I wasn’t allowed to see the house. Making supper? Read to me Mommy! No not later, now! Now! Now! Supper time he whined that he didn’t like it, we reverted to, “Well then I’ll eat it, Cameron.” He actually demanded that I return the spoonful that I ate – and swallowed. He wouldn’t stay on his seat, kept trying to bring toys to the table, went to the time out chair rather than sit and eat.

But as much as I feel like screaming and kicking cupboards to hear the satisfying slam … I know that he feels like crap and doesn’t have the ability to express it or deal with it. He’s three. It’s easy to forget that he was sick, after all he’s fine now. No fever, just a cough and runny nose left. He’s three, he still feels like crap, and of course he’s not behaving normally.

So, happinesses. It was a long and hard, not bad, just hard, day.

Snuggling with Cameron in his bed this morning. He did not want to get up, just wanted me to come in and cuddle with him. We snuggled under the blankets in his chilly little room, as the sun was rising. He wrapped his little arms around my neck, kissed me, and told me, “I love you.”

Cameron wheeling for hot chocolate this morning as we approached the coffee shop, “I didn’t cry the whole way, Mommy, pleeeeeaaaase?” He was right. For a half-block he didn’t cry or whine. Yeah, he got hot chocolate, I’m not heartless.

Getting a Big Task at work done. Something I’ve been dragging my heels a little about. Tomorrow I’ll print it out, and cross that off my Big Stuff List.

Cameron’s glee at there being a new firefighter (and a new wannabe) to impress. They didn’t have much time, but they let him into the hall for a bit, and it was enough.

The greenish haze promising spring on some of the trees on our walk home. Cameron chatting about the ‘bugs.’  He’s a little confused, bud and bug sound a lot alike.

Helping Cameron fall asleep, hand on his head, singing his favourite song of late. “I’ve been working on the railroad,” isn’t exactly my idea of a song to fall asleep to but hey, whatever works.


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