Matching Game

Inspired by Jonah Lisa of The Toby Show, Cameron and I headed for a local store called Urban Source. It’s a bizarre little “alternative art supply” shop, filled with barrels of odds and ends: scrap fabrics; various papers; plastic ware (including some familiar to me from lab work, nothing like seeing your kid playing with yellow p200 tips and Qiaquick columns); beads; magnets; plastic flowers; film canisters. The range of items is jaw-dropping, and much of it would’ve otherwise headed for garbage as industrial waste.

Cameron found a bundle of twenty 50cm long red straws, and announced that they made him happy. Happiness for a buck? Bought. I filled a bag with fabric leftovers, leather scraps, and swatches of upholstery fabric for four bucks. Why, when I don’t own a sewing machine? I also stuffed in there a sheet of yellow acetate, a bit of sheet-foam, a square of blue corrugated cardboard, some metallic paper, some rice paper, and some of what’s leftover after large circles of shiny confetti are stamped out. p2150019

Once home I sat in the middle of the kitchen floor and snipped rectangles of fabric and other materials to make a matching game. Lots of colours and textures for Cameron to match!  Leftovers have gone into his art basket for collage making. Note to self, I need pinking shears.

Was it as mindblowingly fun for Cameron as it was for JL’s son? Uh. No. He wasn’t in a mood to play something that required any sort of focus by the time we got to it today. Instead of playing matching much he ran around with the fabric, tossing it here and there, stomping on the pile, but … not focussed enough to even seem to be having fun. Just frantic. We’ll try again another day!


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