Spring is Coming – Hapinesses

Hints of purple caught my eye on our walk to the bus this morning. Sure enough, there were ten or so crocus blossoms clustered around the base of a maple tree, just opening in the morning sun.

The radioisotope room is clean and tidy. Enough said.

Another big task at work is done as well as the radioisotope room. Slowly, I’m working my way through my list!

On the way home tonight Cameron informed me that Ethan yelled at him and called him bad names, but that he said, “No! That’s not nice! STOP,” to Ethan. Yay, life skills lessons, though I still think it sucks that he has to deal with this now.

Giggling under Cameron’s special white-and-blue blanket, pretending to be ghosts.

The nine o’clock cannon (okay, formally it’s a gun, but the thing looks like a cannon to me) just went off. I’m sitting in the darkness of the livingroom, and I’m pretty certain that Cameron is sound asleep.

The kitchen is clean. Tomorrow morning is supposed to be sunny. So I can look forward to sitting in my shiny-clean yellow kitchen while I drink my  morning tea. I’m planning on adding the aroma of rising bread to the scenario, and maybe even pancakes.

Once I’m sure that Cameron is asleep, it’s time for me to take some cold and asthma meds, curl up in bed with a hot drink, and read Three Cups of Tea for a bit.


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