What Else?

I’ve suspected for some time now that Cameron has a food allergy I don’t know about. There have been times that he’s acted a little ‘off’ or had mystery hives when I’ve been certain, absolutely certain he’s not eaten poppy seeds. He did test negative a year and a half ago for the allergies that commonly accompany poppy seed.

Tonight we had a lovely evening next door, and were invited to stay for supper. Salmon, couscous, cauliflower, tomatoes, lamb sausage. Everything was delicious, and Cameron ate his entire plateful with no cajoling, no bargaining, and no bribing. Nothing he hasn’t had before, even the sausage and the seasonings. And yet when the boys were in the tub I noticed that Cameron’s face was pale, except for a couple bright red patches. He had a few hives on his arms and chest too. By the time we got home his tongue was swollen, though not interfering with breathing.

Of course, it’s been so long that I wasn’t certain of the dosage of Benadryl – when the poppy seed allergy turned up the ER doctor gave me a figure in milligrams, but we’ve changed brands since and he’s gained weight. So I called the 811 service (medical information) line and spoke with their pharmacist: 13.5mg every 4-6 hours, and my memory did serve me correctly as it’s double the dose written on the bottle.

Cameron’s finally asleep, after tossing and turning uncomfortably, and complaining that he was too hot.  I’m in for a long night of checking on him compulsively, at the very least giving him another dose at 2am, and another at 6am, just to be sure.

The allergist’s action plan, by the way, was to give Benadryl at first signs of a reaction, and hold off on the ER visit unless his airway was blocked and he needed the epi pen. Which has yet to happen.

Now to try to figure out what the heck it was. I’m going to call his allergist’s office on Monday, and tomorrow I’ll call the store I know they bought the sausage at to get the ingredients. Going to go see the allergist armed with a list of exactly what he ate today, to minimize skin pricks.

And I am sooo not telling my wonderful neighbours. They already seem to feel badly enough that they gave Cameron that first poppy seed muffin, even though nobody at that time knew he was allergic.

Edit in the morning – uneventful night, he’s fine. Phew!


5 responses to “What Else?

  1. Yeah, it’s replacing the old nurse’s help line. You just call 811, give your info to someone who routes your call where it needs to go – though I’m not sure what options there are other than nurse and pharmacist.

  2. I have a friend who’s a nurse on those lines. Though she’s on mat leave right now…

    Sorry to hear that he reacted again. Call me if you need me, ‘kay?

  3. This 811 service sounds awesome! I need that service!

    Glad to hear Cameron’s ok. Let us know what the mysterious allergy is. I need to get Allie tested. She’s never shown any sign of allergies, but I don’t want to wait until she’s already stung to find out she’s allergic to bees!

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