Self-Indulgent Happinesses

Two nights in a row I’ve been in bed before midnight. I intend to make it three!

I’ve read two chapters in Three Cups of Tea this weekend. Loving the ideas of the book, the central storyline, but not so much the writing style. Still, it’s a fascinating read!

This morning … get this … I went back to bed while Cameron watched Cars and ate breakfast. I dozed a little, Cameron visited and snuggled a little, then I actually completed a sudoku puzzle. I think this was the first one I’ve done while Cameron’s awake, like, ever.

The rain today didn’t seem overly obnoxious, as there wasn’t much of it and we’ve had so many days in a row of sunshine. Everything smelled fresh, Cameron was bright in his firefighter rain jacket when the rest of the world seemed grey, and it was only just misting. Then the rain stopped, and the sun peeked through. Marvelous.

More hints of spring – pinkish purple crocuses, leafbuds on bushes looking almost ready to show green, and that almost-warm fresh scent to the air.

Met with a friend from work and his wife for coffee. She’s sweet and gorgeous, seems like a genuinely warm person, which makes  me happy because I think Loren is a wonderful guy. I’ve heard so much about her, and apparently she about me, that we got along easily from the start.

Dream Journey

Cameron barely made it through two stories tonight, snuggled on my lap in the comfy chair. He wanted me to read one last book to him, Dream Journey, a quiet little book by Gilles Eduar about a boy and his camel, who reads stories of adventures to him as he sleeps. Cameron was snoring before I finished the first line of the first page.


And now, time to package up the leftovers from supper, have a short hot bath, and go to bed myself. Sudoku? More reading? Who knows?


One response to “Self-Indulgent Happinesses

  1. i forgot to mention the other day… force yourself through the first several chapters of 3 Cups. I almost just put the book down when i started it. But if you get through the first bit, it gets great. Really. I don’t know if the style improves of the content is just so compelling that it wins over, but either way… keep trudging through!

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