Monday Happinesses

It snuck up on me again – suddenly it was that Monday, and I had no sitter. Thankfully, Dano was available tonight on short notice. Again. So I got to go to my Mama Renew group. Again, I have a whole lot to process, and will post I’m sure sometime soon about what we discussed. So for now, I’m exhausted. I’m going to bed, but first, some happinesses of today:

Cameron woke on his own at a decent hour this morning, and padded out of his room with sleepy chuckles and hugs.

Kneeling to look out of the window on the bus, Cameron was shouting out letters that he saw on signs. Then he exclaimed, “Hey! I’m an L Mommy! I’m an L!” Yup. He was!

The radioisotope room got positive comments during the inspection today. It wasn’t even as tough as I was predicting, perhaps though she didn’t do wipe tests as we’d already wipe-tested the whole place. Hooray!

Finally, word on acetonitrile. There’s this world-wide shortage, and our regular supplier had rationed us 25% of our normal monthly order. Until this last month, when they haven’t sent us so much as one bottle. Their direct competitor offered us our entire order, with the understanding that we would switch some of our big purchases over to their company in addition to that one. Ta-dah! It finally came through. We should have our case of the stuff on Thursday. This wasn’t just a relief for me – our chemist was just short of a meltdown over this I think. So he was just about beside himself. Then word spread and so did the smiles… people will get their peptide orders. People will get to use the HPLC. Research will go on! My office was the epicenter of happiness today.

Snuggling with a very sleepy Cameron after we got home, reading his new Chirp magazine. He was just about at meltdown, and hadn’t yet even heard that I was heading out for the evening, so it was a good diversion.

Cameron wailed and sobbed, totally losing all composure when he realized that Dano was coming up and this meant Mommy was going out. But Dano had just to say one little phrase from the last time: Ice cream? In the tub? This started gales of laughter, and Cameron saying, “Oh my GAWD, Ice cream in the TUB? You’re KIDDING!”

Several minutes snuggling with a sleeping sweetheart after I got home. I promise him each time that I’ll come and tell him I’m home. I couldn’t resist, I had to curl up in bed with him for a little while, and feel his soft breath, run my hand through his hair, kiss his warm cheek.


2 responses to “Monday Happinesses

  1. There – link to website for Chirp added. It’s a magazine for preschoolers. When I was little I got the older-kids version, Owl. And I think the one my sister got, World, was by the same group.

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