Not Yet Spring Happinesses

On some days the mountains over the city seem to rise higher than normal. I haven’t yet figured out what it is, what illusion or trick of the mind does this, but today on the way home was one of those days. The clouds had backed off just enough to give a view of Grouse and the surrounding mountains newly dusted with snow, and the lights of the ski hill already lit against the coming night. They just looked and felt taller and more mountain-y.

Did I mention snow? It’s not just up there on the mountain heights. This morning I was greeted with a cry of glee from the livingroom as I blearily mixed butter and sugar into Cameron’s oatmeal. “Snow! Snow Mommy snow Mommy snow mommy snow!” He ran from window to window, giving me weather reports from each. It made up for the earlier chatter that picked up just as the radio’s weather report was running, and all I heard was the expected high for tomorrow. So much for spring being on its way! But still, those pink and purple crocuses were peeking through their new blanket.

We had a wonderful evening next door, where Maite is on her own with Samuel this week. She had rice and fish for the boys (which Cameron gobbled with gusto and proclaimed himself the champion), and a lemony lentil soup with spinach for us.

Cameron had a rough day at daycare. When I picked him up, Lori informed me that he’d cried most of the day. I couldn’t keep my opinion to myself, and did comment, “Well, I wonder why?” She didn’t get it. Probably just as well. So I was extra-glad to be next door, where Samuel might be a little bossy, typical of a nearly-four-year-old, but he’s not mean. Cameron happily shared his red straws, and Samuel shared his trucks and other toys.

When we got home, after bath, snack, and story, I curled up in bed with Cameron. So it’ll cost me later when I try to wean him off of it. For now, I think he needs it.

I think I needed it too. I fell asleep.


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