Lion or Lamb?

It is said that if March comes in like a lion, it will leave like a lamb, and that the reverse is also true. I can only hope so.

The day, weather-wise, wasn’t too bad. It’s cold at night, we had some rain, it warmed up and the sun shone before more rain started. I couldn’t care less if this was lion or lamb or what this says about the weather we’ll get in three or four weeks.

This was a lion parenting day in our little family. Which means that I was the nasty lion with big teeth, snarling at not only Cameron but also at myself.

We had a lovely evening yesterday, with Carly and Lolo. It was, however, a later night than Cameron is really used to, with a day full of excitement, and he was w-i-r-e-d. He finally fell asleep sometime after 11. He woke twice in the night. Then he was wide awake (but still sleepy-eyed) just after seven. This didn’t set the scene for a very good day.

I need to vent, but I also need to focus on the whys of today, and also on what went right.

Not-so-great moments
•    Cameron dragged his feet on everything, even going where he wanted to go. Every single thing we did, every transition, was tough and involved dragging or crying.
•    Cameron dangling by one arm, trying his hardest to sit on the disgusting sidewalk at the bus stop near Science World. I hate that bus stop. I swear there was vomit amid the litter and cigarette butts. I hauled him up (by one arm), and manoevered to hold him football style, snapping, “CUT IT OUT!” He responded with, “No you cut it out! No you cut it out!”
•    “Cameron, stop asking me why! Why what? That doesn’t make any sense to ask me why there. WHY FRICKING WHAT?” Okay, I didn’t say that last part, but ooooh I sure wanted to.
•    Tantrum before supper, he wanted me to read a stack of books selected as I was getting supper on the table.

Okay, so the whys. He probably has taken up with dragging his feet on everything as it gives him some feeling of control. It’s gotten to be a habit, one that I had hoped giving him lots of choices today would start to improve. He was tired, as he got nowhere near the required amount of sleep last night. Everything post-Science World is easily explainable though. Overtired, no nap (long story as to why we wound up there), hungry, and thirsty. When Cameron is sleepy, his why-ing rate increases exponentially.

I need to focus on the good stuff.
•    Cameron was given choices at every junction today. Where were we going? What now? Playground? Okay! Water park? Okay! We played outside together for a good hour after the bouncy castle playgym, then he got to choose how to get home. His choice was by boat, something pretty easy to incorporate from Granville Island.  This is why we wound up at Science World, there is no waltzing past there with a preschooler, overtired or not.
•    We took some time in the new area at Science World to quietly explore the world of beavers, ducking down to look “underwater” in their display and talk about what lived there. He touched a bear’s skull, and marveled at the teeth. We were under the T.rex’s skull when I pointed it out to Cameron, who was snuggled in my arms. I asked him what it was, and he answered, “Teeeeeth!” This was followed by, “Dragon, Mommy!” So we talked about dinosaurs, and looked at the various parts of its body. Cameron giggled uncontrollably over the dinosaur’s bum.
•    Building a ‘house’ with Cameron in the littler kids’ area. One of his favourite books is about building a house, and what each type of worker does. So we chatted about that as we put the foam siding onto the structure.
•    Cuddling up for story time with a very sleepy Cameron after supper and bath. Yes, I read that stack of books to him. Enough that he even commented, “Wow, Mama, lots of books tonight!” We then cuddled in his bed, and he was asleep before eight.

So, was it a lion or a lamb day? While I can find wonderful parts to the day, it was a tough one on both of us. Here’s hoping that the saying holds true for preschoolers and parenting.


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