Happinesses to Beat the Blahs!

Dozing in bed long after we should have been up, Cameron’s arms around my neck, mine wrapped around him in a comfortable snuggle. “Don’t get up yet, Mommy, stay here and snuggle!”

Lots of laughter today, heading to the supply management ‘show’ with friends at work. Seeing area reps I knew back when my old lab was arranging our CFI grant, at their new places, catching up a little. Hanging out with another favourite mommyblogger, even just briefly.
Yummy pesto for supper, chatting with Cameron about how we made it.

Playing in the back yard with Cameron after work. Okay, he did most of  the playing and I was more than a little tired and distant, but it was still fun to watch him bounce around on the trampoline. It was cold but sunshiney, and we talked about the buds on the trees, what will grow in the gardens, and he found all sorts of things to play with.

Singing silly songs to Cameron in the tub.

Curling up with Cameron and dozing off to sleep for a little with him.

Now, it’s time to head to my own bed. Here’s hoping that a decent night sleep helps my mood!


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