Today went significantly better. Oh, there was still much testing involved – that was the theme of the week, and I didn’t expect it would stop.

Cameron did allow me a short sleep-in, and when I got up (he watched videos while I dozed) he was fairly cooperative and did his own thing with minimal  mommy-intervention. We went to playgym, where he astounded me. He knew to find the woman who runs it to let her know that there was a “hole in the floor.” One of the fixture-thingies in the gym floor was up, and it was an easy fix. Still, not the sort of awareness I expected of him! We went to JJs as usual after playgym, where we had a few conflicts, but for the most part it went well. Home, and playtime, and he helped me clean. He’s got his own spray bottle with water and vinegar, just like mine, and we ran around cleaning stuff.

I’m learning that saying, “Cameron, please put this over there,” is much more effective than asking, “Cameron, please put this over there?” If he perceives an option he is rather unwilling to do as asked.

I’ve been trying to determine if there is something bothering me that I haven’t yet dealt with. I think there must be, and it must have something to do with A. He’s come up a lot lately. A picture in the papers reminded me strongly of him, although the person was a policeman – no way A would or could ever be in the police. They tend to be somewhat choosy, you know, not accepting people with criminal records. But still the guy looked like A. He came up in conversation a little too close for comfort on Friday. It turns out that my friend at work Agnes has a friend who is family friends with the wife of one of A’s best buddies. Sound distant and roundabout? The whole degrees of separation thing suggests that this is expected. Still, finding this out, and of course that Agnes’ friend has met A, disturbed me. Far too close for comfort. Why I do not know. I know he hasn’t ceased to exist, and of course he knows people, and of course I know people who know people who know them. I’d just really rather not only never hear from him again, I’d rather not hear of him again. The big trouble is that all of this is rather superficial. It’s obvious. Which means it’s not what is bugging me. So I need to think about this a bit more.

Cameron went to play with Grace tonight! And he had a blast it was clear. He’s told me several times, “I LIKE Grace’s daddy.” He told me of watching the ‘kitty cat movie,’ and playing, and he returned with a gorgeous glittery card he made. In it was written, as per his directions, “Mommy, here you go!” This may sound really odd, but it’s what he says when he plays at being Santa and gives gifts of his toys wrapped in his blanket, the most special of all. He pointed out a heart he put on the front, all covered in glitter, and informed me that hearts mean love, and he put it there, because he loves me. Okay, he got it mixed up, and really said, “and that’s why I love you,” but I know what he means. The card is on the fridge, and he beamed such a happy smile when I put it up there.

Why did he go to Grace’s? So I could go out with Chris for dinner! We went to Cloud 9, the revolving restaurant in Harbour Centre. Wow. Scrumptious food, and a great view as the clouds lifted. She and I got to catch up, as we’ve both been having lots go on in our lives but rarely get much chance to talk.

Cameron fell asleep on my lap not halfway through his story tonight. Oh, he wanted to stay up and play, but he was right on the edge of sleepy-boy tantruming. No way. So I snuggled with him and read slowly. He interrupted me after his eyes had drifted almost closed, saying, “Mom … ma? I want … I want … I … um, um, um, I, um … ah … mmmmm.” Then he was out.


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