Rough Evening

The title says it all. It’s been an evening of boundary testing and it has not been fun. I lost my temper and wound up leaving Cameron with my downstairs neighbour for a bit so I could go cry in the darkness of the back yard.

There were a few moments of happiness though, and I need to focus on those.

Cameron slept in his own bed the whole night through last night! He’d begun a habit of coming to my bed increasingly early in the morning.

At the coffee shop this morning he chose to have juice instead of hot chocolate. However, the girl making the drinks didn’t realize this and went ahead with his usual morning drink anyway. He looked about ready to burst when he found out he was getting both!

Sushi for lunch with a friend from work.

I joined a trio of other friends in leaving work a little early for a beer. I’ve done this a few times now, and I’m starting to feel more at ease, can joke with them and even feel comfortable teasing. Felt pretty good.

Before the testing began, I shared a twix bar with Cameron – a first for him – on the bus.It was a big hit.

Cameron and I had a lovely conversation about his field trip to the fire hall today with daycare. It was actually that, a conversation. Not just me asking questions and getting brief answers, not Cameron volunteering one thing then saying “Why,” for the next half hour, but an actual conversation. Very cool.

Cameron found my temper for me. It was caught under the bubbles of his bath. If I always put it back in the same spot I wouldn’t loose it, apparently. At least it came back to me clean.

Cameron and I fell asleep curled up together in his bed again. I think we both needed that. I know, at least, that I did.


One response to “Rough Evening

  1. Hopefully today is better, and that we’ll both be able to relax and have fun at our dinner out tonight. Still on?

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