In All Sorts of Weather (just like the puffin)

Today, I think, was the last Sunday in Winter. Cameron and I celebrated in fitting style. We went outside and played, while Winter threw everything it had at us. Okay, we also played some inside. Cameron loves the bouncy-castle playgym, and it is not advisable to attempt a pass-by of Chapters with him unless you like dealing with tantrums. But before, between, and after those we had a blast. There was method in my madness – not only do I think that outdoors play is vital to kids, and especially to Cameron, I figured he’d be in a much better mood and test boundaries a little less. It worked, sort of. Still incredible testing going on – he seems to want to know if know really means no and how many times I’ll tell him to do something before I reeeeaaallly mean it – and not only is he learning but I am too.

On starting out the door, we discussed the weather as usual. He teased that he couldn’t see the clouds, that it was sunny. Ha!

We watched the firefighters cleaning the Engine while the wind whipped around us, and talked about why they might be doing this. Also why they would use a little hose instead of their great big firefighting hoses!

We jumped in puddles and splashed about. Cameron finally understands that puddles can be made of something other than pee and with boots on it’s okay and fun to stomp in them.

We ran ‘races’ in the rain to the bus stop. “Running makes me happy,” Cameron enthused. Yay! There’s something to encourage! He declared himself the “Orange Winner,” while I was only the “Blue Winner.” Not too sure where that came from!

We played in the playground at Granville Island a little. Okay, I’m a wimp. He played and I huddled under my umbrella because we were being pelted with sleet.

There’s a park near Granville Island where there’s a stepping-stone like ‘bridge’ across a man-made pond. Only at this time of year there’s no water in the water feature. Still, in the snow, we bunny-hopped-jumped across again and again. People got annoyed at us taking up so much space when they were hurrying to get out of the snow. I say tough! They saw we were there, they could have gone around, and hey – we were having fun.

By the time we made it home not only had the rain, snow, and sleet stopped, but it was intermittently sunny! And windy! So instead of doing boring old chores inside, I decided we could play outside while the laundry ran. We bounced in the sun on the trampoline. Then we bounced in small-pellet hail on the trampoline. Then sun again. Then hail again. Cameron pieced together white PVC tubing from a fun game my downstairs neighbours made last summer, and we kicked a mini-soccer ball through them. Then Cameron upended them and decided they were vacuum cleaners. So I was of course the dust. Lucky me.

I’m happy to play outdoors in just about any weather, but all the same, here’s hoping that spring has less of the solid stuff coming down.

The title, by the way, references the poem There Once Was a Puffin that until just now I thought was by A.A.Milne. Apparently it’s not – it’s by Florence Page Jaques.

(Along these lines, darnit, I forgot to tape  Lost Adventures of Childhood on CTV yesterday! Anyone know if it’s being re-broadcast or if they intend on putting it on their online viewing page? It’s not up there yet!)


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