Late Night Despite Play Outside!

You would think that after today Cameron would have fallen asleep without so much as a whisper of protest. You’d think that an hour outside in the morning, over an hour in the playground (a really great thing about his daycare is the playtime he gets outside), then well over an hour in the back yard at home would have exhausted him.

Apparently, not. Or maybe he’s overtired. At any rate, it’s almost 11 and he’s finally asleep. I think.

Sleep and Cameron have long been like water and oil. So I’m kind of used to it. I was actually anticipating some problems, as he’s gone to sleep in my arms in the comfy chair for several nights in a row now and I decided it’s time to start him back on falling asleep in his own bed. This went a little beyond what I was expecting.

Still, he is asleep. That’s what matters.

No – what matters is that he had a lot of fun outside today. Once we got home and were playing in the back yard, Samuel came to join us. The two boys jumped around, played with the white PVC tubing, looked at the gardens, and played at being fire fighters.

I also had a pretty good evening. I got caught up with a downstairs neighbour and Phillippe, Samuel’s dad. I got a load of laundry done – okay, I still have to go to the back and get it. I hate going back there after dark, but if I don’t Cameron won’t have any pants tomorrow! I washed lots of dishes, and cleaned the kitchen floor. It gets mopped now and then, but this was a hands-and-knees clean until water rinses clear type cleaning. Very much needed.

So now, time to get laundry. Then time to be good to myself. Maybe a bubble bath, then bed before midnight?


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