The Dark Side

I am absolutely certain that it is good, healthy, and wonderful to get Cameron outside every day to play. I know that his daycare ensures that all the kids get outside (one of the things I do like about that daycare), but I like that we’ve been playing outside after we get home.

But it seems to have had a side effect that I did not anticipate.

For the third night in a row, Cameron’s found it nearly impossible to fall asleep. I don’t think it’s that he’s fighting it, in fact at 7:30 tonight he announced in the middle of supper that he was ready to go to bed. He looked about ready to fall over. Two nights in a row of much-reduced sleep, one day without a nap and today only a short one, and I can hardly claim surprise. So without a bath, quickly, I got him into his PJs, read a story, and it was bedtime. At his demand I snuggled with him, whispered two more stories to him, snuggled some more. I went out to read in his doorway. Repeatedly he’d settle into quiet breathing, almost asleep for ten or so minutes, then stir and complain that he didn’t want to go to sleep. He cried and screamed with frantic exhaustion. I threw a little temper tantrum of my own in the kitchen, which didn’t really help matters. Finally at ten, after he had been quiet for twenty five minutes but still was awake, I got him up to go pee, have some warm milk, and hear one more story. My gut feeling is that he’s so tired he cannot sleep.

He’s back in bed. Ten minutes. He’s clearly still awake, but quiet.

Dammit, I want my evenings back. I’m tired of this. I love snuggling with him and I know I should cherish it, but it’s turning into a two hour long obligation, minimum. Surely he’ll crash at some point. A three year old cannot maintain a sleep strike for long, can he?


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