A Mystery Solved!

We’re back in town after a wonderful evening and Sunday visiting Carly and Lolo. Spending time with a friend, watching Cameron and Lolo play together, catching up, swimming at the pool, playing in the fantastic Spring sun … what a great way to spend the weekend.

I solved a mystery too.

I’d been perplexed by Cameron’s inability to fall asleep and stay asleep, that seemed to be correlated with the increase in outdoor play. Then this morning he became quite sensitive, having troubles sharing and playing nice. Not that he’s not done this before, but I know that when he’s not feeling great, whether tired or sick, he’s more likely to do this. I figured uh-oh, here comes another illness. He’s kind of snotty, coughs a bit, and has a growly voice.

Then today as we were playing I laughed at him as a big ol’glob of drool slurped down his chin. “Yeesh, Cameron, you’ve been drooling for days. You don’t normally droo … uh … sweetheart? C’mere. Lemme look in your mouth.” Yup. Lower jaw, in the back. One new molar half through, and on the other side another with one point through. That’s gotta hurt.

It all came together. The puffy face, the sleep problems, the whininess, the irritability.

Join me in a big cheer for ibuprofen? He’s asleep, and fell asleep with zero difficulty.


2 responses to “A Mystery Solved!

  1. LOL. perfect example of a confounding variable! xD

    poor Cameron tho. Teeth coming out is most decidedly not pleasant.

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