Rough Evening – Happiness Time!

I need to do a happiness post. Why? Ugh … it’s been a day. Maybe I’ll post about it later. Just more drama, same stuff, different day.

Spring, spring, spring! I saw skunk cabbage yesterday, a sure sign of warmer weather. Today the daffodils in the courtyard terrace I can see from my office were in full bloom, alongside crocuses in pink, purple, and yellow.

Hugs and kisses and snuggles in the morning.

Cameron’s excitement as he talks about how when he’s bigger he’ll go down one of the big water slides. The hand motions for the curly-roundabout parts, and the big “Spah-LOOSH” at the end send me into giggles.

Strawberry ice cream ‘float’. I never used to like strawberry ice cream. I’m willing to bet that Tasha did, and so I couldn’t, just due to our sibling dynamic. But a bowl of strawberry ice cream at Lolo’s house got Cameron liking it, and so that was his pick for tonight. So we got a tub of the most natural type I could find. When I got home from Mama Renew tonight (and when Cameron was finally asleep) I loaded up a glass with it, and added some San Pelligrino water to it. Ohmy that was good, without being over-the-top sweet.

When I got home tonight Cameron was still awake. He bounced out of bed, eager to show me the puzzles he and Dano had put together! Getting him to settle to sleep took a long time, though. Lesson learned … let him prepare himself mentally for being left with someone, don’t just spring it on him!

A very sleepy “Mama always comes back,” and, “You’re my mama, and I’m your Cameron,” and “Loveyoumama


One response to “Rough Evening – Happiness Time!

  1. OMG. i just realized i never offered you any ice cream. man i suck. glad cameron liked it though!!!

    lolo was telling her dada all about that slide. or more to the point how she’s not big enough.

    i can’t wait till next year!

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