Misty Rain, Cold Beach

It wasn’t exactly pull off your shoes and wriggle your toes in the sand kind of weather. Rain was drizzling down, obscuring the ocean liners waiting out in the bay in a grayish mist. Still, there we were. Playing on a lonely beach in the rain in March. Up on the Seawall dozens of adults jogged past us, but we saw no other children. Okay, maybe expecting kids to be playing on a beach at that time, in that weather, is a bit much.

We ran. We dug holes. We threw stones in the water and found shells. We discovered and observed a marine critter that thanks to google I now have learned was a Nereid worm – also known as a ragworm, sandworm, or clamworm. Don’t look it up if worms, snakes, wriggling skinny things, or things with far too many legs creep you out. We chatted about why it swims the way it does, why it was there, and what might eat it. We played tag, and hide and seek with very few places to hide – I pretended to hide behind a rock that wouldn’t conceal my foot. Cameron pretended to not be able to find me. We climbed on big logs and speculated about what the big ships would carry when they left port, or what they were bringing in.

“Why Mommy? Why do they bring cars and televisions and iPods?” The only answer I could think of to give Cameron was, “Because people here buy them.” His followup why was a little harder to answer.

In all we played for almost an hour. The rain picked up, and we hurried to the dock to meet the next False Creek Ferry, to take us across to Granville Island, then on towards home.


5 responses to “Misty Rain, Cold Beach

  1. Sounds like a truly wonderful time. Good for you for getting out there. I was a wuss and our big outing today was just to the library.
    So glad you solved the teething mystery!
    By the way… how goes the knitting? (or should i not ask? 🙂

  2. It really was fabulous, and exactly what I needed. Okay, that and sleep. Why am I still awake??? Teething sucks, by the way. One molar was half out, and now it’s all gone again. Knitting … ha ha ha. Uh. Every time he saw the knitting stuff, Cameron wanted to knit. But he can’t. So he got upset. And frustrated. And cried. So I hid it, which means I forget to do anything!

  3. That’s why i didn’t knit for the first 3 years. Little hands wanting to help. What did it for me was going to Nana’s over christmas. Nana was knitting and we told Daniel that he wasn’t to touch – it’s just for Nana. He accepted that. So when we got home i tried pulling out mine. He was interested and i reminded him about how he didn’t touch Nana’s knitting and told him that knitting was just for Nanas and Mamas. He’s good about it now. Yay! Never know when these breakthroughs are going to happen. Speaking of that, we just had a big milestone the other night – our first foodupthenose event. Fun fun fun 🙂

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