Sunset Picnic

Tonight Cameron asked to go to the playground on the way home. It felt so good to say “Sure!”

We went to the grocery store on the way, and at the deli counter Cameron saw something that he wanted. “We could eat that at the park!” I didn’t say okay to that pasta salad, as it was speckled with poppy seeds, but did say yes to the spanakopita. He picked out which one he wanted. Then I said yes to the quinoa salad. Then he selected our juice for the evening.

Picnic bought, we headed for the playground. There are two close to each other, so I let him choose.

We played follow the leader in a crazy obstacle course through the playground, ducking through a tunnel, climbing stairs, sliding down slides, climbing ladders. We played tag. We played hide and seek with no effective places to hide, though I did manage to completely surprise Cameron by changing where I was when he was looking the other way, crouching behind a slide so he couldn’t see me until he moved. Loved the expression on his face!

We ate when he felt like it and where he felt like it.

I did put a time limit on the play, but he accepted it … sort of. One more puddle to splash through. And a brief play in the school’s playground. Two other kids had turned up with their father, and I was so happy to see another family appear that I agreed to five more minutes of play.

The sun hadn’t quite set when we headed home, but wasn’t far from it.

I don’t think I said “No,” once in the whole evening out, except in play. Felt pretty good. Cameron whirled, jumped, ran, and played in the freedom of it.


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