Sun, Sand, Fresh Air

The light coming in my window, past dark blue curtains, hinted at the weather before I even looked to see what time it was. “The sun is up,” Cameron’s helpful announcement greeted me. SUN! There wasn’t a cloud in the sky.

Our neighbours called a half hour later, eager to get going. We briefly debated a hike somewhere, but come on. Sun in spring in this city? Who wants to be under the cover of trees? That will come later, in the summer, when we’re slathering on the sunscreen and seeking coolness. Today despite the cold wind we wanted to be out in the open. To the beach!

We packed up the car, bought treats from Solly’s, and off we went for White Rock.

The late morning and early afternoon was spent exploring what was under barnacle-covered rocks, digging in sand, discovering what happens when boots wander too deep in pools, watched kites flying (next time we bring ours), poked around looking for colourful rocks, watched eagles and ducks. We examined snail shells and talked about how they’re different from egg shells. We tried to pry limpets from the rocks without success. We looked at tracks in the sand and speculated about what made them – dog, bird, big person, little person, or sometimes just the water. The boys ran around and played some on their own, and for a while Cameron and I played chase and toss-the-kid and races. Cameron practiced climbing and jumping.

We got our dose of fresh air, sun, sand and salt for the weekend.


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