Early to Bed Happinesses

Daffodils, hyacinths, crocuses, rhododendrons, and hints of tulip buds to come in the gone-wild terrace outside my office window.

The first tentative petals on cherry trees along 16th, the promise of an explosion of blossoms within days.

Cameron’s excitement in his eyes and wriggles as I picked him up at daycare. He’d clearly had fun despite not getting to go to the park. He eagerly asked to go to the playground, and I changed my plans to allow it.

I won’t complain tonight of the lack of kids in the playground. It was pouring rain. But Cameron and I balanced along wooden structures, played chase, and played his version of hide and seek. This consists of him climbing high in the playground and me running around below counting to ten, then pretending to not be able to find him.

Cuddling close with Cameron at the end of the day, stars projected on the sloping ceiling above us, exchanging sleepy I-Love-Yous. I fell asleep with him. Now it’s time to head for my own bed.


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