Out Like A Lamb

It doesn’t quite feel, somehow, like a month has gone by. The month of March sure came in like a lion, not so much in terms of weather, but in the temperament and attitude of my little love.


Ah yes, the old saying is holding true. March it seems is going out like a lamb for the most part.

Sure we still have our moments. Heck, we still have our days… and will continue to do so for years I’m sure. Overall, though, things are better.

A lot of the change I think I can credit to playing outdoors so much. It’s now been over two weeks, hasn’t it? It does lead to some protests and meltdowns, and is making bedtime much later, but we’re working on that. I need to try following the suggestions of others and using the crock pot more, and returning to my wonderful library of suppers.

I’d love to go in-depth into the changes in behaviour (mine and his), but the truth is that it’s late. I just woke up from dozing with Cameron in his bed, and am going to just leave the dishes and mess for tonight. I’m tired. So I’m just going to appreciate that either things are better, or I’m more able to cope right now, or perhaps some combination.

Yay for time!


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