Play Time!

Today, it snowed. And then it poured, at a temperature just barely warm enough to turn the white stuff to water. Thanks to my own dreams that have been wakening me feeling as though I’ve been hauling a heavy sled through knee-deep mud and Cameron’s wonderful last set of molars, I’m exhausted. Thus, no dedicated outdoors play time.

What? No playing outside?

Wait, I didn’t say that. We played. It just happened to be while walking from point A to point B. We have quite a commute, involving a dozen or so blocks of walking. No big deal until you remember that Cameron is just three and has legs half the length of adult legs. So we play to make it go faster.

We deliberately step on every crack we can find. We avoid cracks. We jump like frogs, or rabbits, depending on the day. We take turns deciding what kinds of steps we’ll take – big giant ones, ittybitty ones, fast ones, slow ones, backwards ones, sideways ones, hopping, galloping, running ones. He’ll grab an arm and swing tarzan-style, but only once or twice, thanks. We race to see who will get there – wherever there is – first. He loves to hop up on whatever climbable surface there is. We pick daisies from the grass, and he knows which flowers are okay and which aren’t. We avoid stepping on dog poo, for the most part. For the most part, so long as we are making forward progress I let Cameron call the shots.

Alright, so he got to play outside. But you know what? It’s not just play outside that is important – free play, unaffected by adult intervention, is essential. That’s why Cameron has been playing in the tub for the last hour or more. Yes, he’s quite wrinkled now. And no, really, it has nothing to do with Mama needing some me-time. Really. Nothing. He’s involved in some complicated dialogue between two of his WOW toy people, now. He’s painted (shampoo + cornstarch + food colouring). He’s dunked his head. He’s played with boats. Right now he’s apologizing to the ‘babies’ for dunking them!

So Cameron has certainly had lots of free play time, and lots of fresh air. And now it’s time I got his face cleaned (because while the rest of him is surely clean by now, I’m sure his chin hasn’t even gotten wet) and got him out of the tub. Bedtime. For both of us!


2 responses to “Play Time!

  1. Challenging fitting in all the elements kids need daily, isn’t it? I remember when Cody was that age, I’d go as far as to select a few books out of every section of the library to ensure he was well rounded in fiction, non fiction.. yadda yadda.

    Know what? I commend you. Cuz I’m tired. Will you do it all for Cody too? I need a month off.

    From one single mom to another, Donna

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