Happiness Pushups (and the real kind too)

Daily observation of the small things (and hey, big things too) that bring me happiness is one of the exercises I try to do daily. I know very well that I’m prone to depression, and so started looking for ways to re-train my view of the world. There’s a lot of research out there that supports the idea of teaching the brain to be happy, involving such tactics as meditation, learning to recognize happinesses when you find them, and re-framing your day in a positive light.

Things do seem to be improving a bit for me – March, particularly early March, was tough. I know a number of other things that I ‘should’ be doing that would help my mood, but frankly I don’t have the energy or time to do some of them, like daily hard exercise. Getting outside to play with Cameron has made a big difference. The improvement in the weather helps too. But also the happinesses thing has played, I’m certain, a big part.

So at first thought, today was a hard day. Why? The trip home from Cameron’s daycare was godawful. He did NOT want to walk with me. He wanted to stay right there, he wanted to go into THAT store, no that one. He wanted candy. A treat. He howled and sobbed on my lap most of the way home. Most? Well, the rest he was screaming.

Alright, that was less than an hour of my day. Why do I let that obscure the rest?

Cherry trees all over the city are preparing to explode. A few have blossoms already open, but mostly they’re just gathering momentum, buds growing bigger and lighter by the day.

Cameron slept in! I was awake and dressed before he woke up. This hasn’t happened in forever.

I am now qualified to ship radioisotopes (yep, radioactive stuff for those of you who don’t speak science). Add to that, I got to spend the day at one of the country’s coolest geek places, TRIUMF. I haven’t worn a dosimeter in a decade, not since they changed the regs so that I don’t need one for my hot work any more.

I got a report in to my boss that I found challenging to assemble.

Cameron greeted me with a big hug, a kiss, and “I missed you ALL DAY Mommy!”

I forgot. I have wine. Why am I not drinking it?

I exercised tonight. I ‘invested’ in a DVD, inspired by the 30 day shred thing a bunch of bloggers are doing. Chapters didn’t have the same workout, but I got one by the same person, so … we’ll see. It was tough. I wimped out and didn’t use the weights. Hey, first time! Still learning the moves. Wouldn’t want to launch a weight through a window now would I?

Cameron and I bounced on the trampoline for around an hour tonight. I lifted him up high, and he r-e-a-c-h-ed to try to touch the moon. Back down, he jumped with all his might.

Oh, and he’s learned. I draw a circle in chalk around a foot from the edge and have declared that the no-jump zone. He stays out of it!

Lying on our tummies on the trampoline, the setting sun illuminating the grass underneath. We talked about how some of the plants are growing tall under there.

A very tired and very unhappy little Cameron fell asleep snuggled in my lap tonight. He’d sniffled and cried, requesting, “Mama, snuggle me! I wanna sleep snuggled!” It’s hard to not crawl into bed with him and snuggle all night long … but I need real sleep.

After a shower. I sweated in that workout!  And I want a half-glass of wine.


One response to “Happiness Pushups (and the real kind too)

  1. There’s a reason that time of day is called the “Witching hour”. If Grace hasn’t napped, she is just atrocious to be around. You are NOT alone!

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