Stanley Park Adventures

One of the wonderful things about living in Vancouver is Stanley Park. On a sunny spring Sunday what more could you ask for? Big trees, awesome playgrounds, beaches, views of sailboats and freighters – and better yet, friends to share the day with. Carly and Lolo joined us today, and yep, we headed for the park.

We’d originally planned on attending the opening celebrations for the new convention centre. These plans got put aside after a half hour wait for BCAA to show up (battery ran out, no need to discuss why …) after breakfast at the Elbow Room, and a half hour driving around Stanley Park to charge it up.

We stopped at the big playground on the south side, and headed for the playground. What an amazing place! Cameron had played there once before, so knew what the major feature was: a life sized old fashioned fire truck! The play was a little slow to get going, but with time, both kids were knee-deep in fun. Cameron pushed his boundaries considerably compared with our last trip there, and was willing to play on the net-metal-and-plastic play structure. He tried climbing, stepping, even a bit of swinging. Last time we were there he had to be coaxed down the big slides, but this time he tore towards them so fast he was lost in the dust cloud. Figuratively speaking.

Then a drummer started up. Just quietly, sitting alone, tapping on his djembe. All Cameron needed was to have this drawn to his attention, and off he ran to investigate. He had a chance to give it a try himself, before he lost his nerve and headed back for the playground. All it took though to get him back was to get Carly and Lolo headed there, though!

We also spent some time on the beach, with the kids gathering shells and playing in the sand. Carly got Cameron balancing on a driftwood stump a la Karate Kid. Both of the little ones played with the holes in the stump, shoveling sand in and emptying it out. Darnit, another beach trip and I forgot the kite.

Danced and played out, and parking time running out, we returned to the car. On the grass beside where we had parked, we had a picnic lunch and then settled down for a wee nap. Grass, sunshine, breeze – perfect! Cameron surprised me by actually falling asleep.

After nap it was time for an adventure! We packed up and started to explore. Cameron learned a little about golf and got to hold a putter briefly (I think that’s what it was). We found Lost Lagoon (really, it’s not hard, just walk west from where we were and you’ll hit it), and meandered along its shore, chatting about Mr. and Mrs. Mallard and their friends the coots, goldeneyes, and swans. Swans, by the way, are huge. I always forget this.

Back to the playground and drum circle – now a full-fledged large one with instruments for the kids to play too – and more dancing, romping, play fun under the blue skies.

In all I think we spent five hours in the park. Five hours – in just one corner of it. Next time, there’s an aquarium, a petting zoo, another little lake, more playgrounds, more beaches. I have a coupon for the guided horse-drawn tour, too.


One response to “Stanley Park Adventures

  1. What a marvelous day! Thanks too for the photos with this day and the trip to Bowen Island.
    Love you both!

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