Sleepy. Happy.

For a second night in a row, I have fallen asleep with Cameron. One molar is playing hide-and-seek in his gums, plus now he seems to have caught a cold yet again. So sleep is elusive and short-lived around here.

So it’s time for a happiness post, then bedtime for me.

It’s warmer now, not that warm can quite be used to describe here. Windows are open all day long now, plus I’m leaving a few open at night too.

Yummy home made pesto for supper.

Haze of bright green on salmonberry bushes in the forest, and yellowy green on the willows on 4th.

Bouncing on the trampoline in the back yard with Cameron. He’s jumping really high, and obeying the chalk line Circle of No Jumping Across that I drew too.

Girl Guide Cookies. Memories in small bites.

Cameron reminding me to water the plants. He helped me plant oregano and basil seeds the other evening, and his job is to remind me that they need water every  morning.

Watching the pride and excitement on Cameron’s face as he pushed a card into the mail box. I’d helped him by writing as directed inside the card he picked out, and showing him where to sign his C. He licked the envelope to seal it, and watched while I wrote the address and looked up a postal code. Someone’s getting a card in the mail!

I was in bed by 10:30 last night. Tonight it’ll be before 11pm.

Plans to visit Science World in the morning with a certain other blogging mama and her monkey.

And much, much more. But right now it’s time for bed.


One response to “Sleepy. Happy.

  1. oregano & basil seeds?! let me know how that goes! =D

    the weather has been beautiful lately – even today~

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