Jellybeans for my Jellybean

Okay, is it just me or is it WAY too much fun hiding jellybeans? Even hiding them in plain sight was hilarious amusement. Cameron is, of course, only three. This means he won’t be doing any serious sleuthing or close inspections – everything is pretty obvious. Still, how much more happy can a Sunday be, with brightly coloured little sugar-delivery-systems in small clusters all over the livingroom?

‘Hiding’ them brought back memories of seaching for them. My parents went to great pains in later years to cleverly hide jellybeans, closely matching colours to camouflage objects hiding right infront of our noses. I went for the opposite effect, but can see how in years to come this will be a wonderful challenge for us both.

It’s time to cleverly nibble at ends of carrots, plug in both camera batteries, and head for bed. Tomorrow morning I doubt I’ll be able to sleep in.


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