It’s Not Really Fun Until …

Somebody pukes.

The day started off so well! Cameron was beside himself when he realized that the munched carrot ends were definitive proof that the Easter Bunnies had indeed visited. Then he saw the basket with candies. He excitedly started gathering up jelly beans, cramming half of what he found into his mouth (until I put a stop to that, feeling that I really didn’t want puking to spoil the fun). Then he played with what he found. With only half of the goodies collected, he wanted to set up a train track so he could run a train around, filled with jelly beans – I’d left an engine pulling two cars with beans on them. He wanted to re-enact the hiding of the jelly beans, and has himself convinced that he woke up in the middle of the night, let them in the door, up the stairs, and they gave him bunny nose-twitch kisses.

Then it was off with Chris, heading for her family’s cabin. Once there Cameron once again had an Easter treat hunt, he played with Chris’s brother, and we braved the rain to investigate the beach. Cameron held a small crab on the palm of his hand. We ran around and played.

But then Cameron started coughing a bit. He wasn’t feeling great yesterday, and was obviously fighting off a bug.

The first time he vomited I chalked it up to too many sweets and being tired. There wasn’t any warning – one minute he was playing happily with his truck, the next there was puke on the carpet. Okay, got him cleaned up (poor Chris cleaned the carpet), he seemed fine. Left him playing while the rest of us had supper, as he had zero interest in eating. He was looking ready to fall asleep, so I scooped him up to carry him to a bed for a doze. He got me, and the hallway carpet, and himself soaked. Once sure he was done, and both of us were cleaned up (Chris again cleaned the carpet), he fell asleep quickly. I enjoyed a lovely Easter dinner (with incredibly yummy lamb, and the richest most delicious carrot cake I’ve ever had) with Chris and her family. Always enjoyable, even if my little love was sick and sleeping.

The third episode was on the drive home. Poor kidlet – I’d let him have too much water too quickly. He was soaked, and we weren’t even across the border.

By the time we got home it had been more than a half hour, so I could give him a sip of the water he was crying for. Into the tub, and another sip. He started showing signs of another impending puke, so I made some herbal tea that contained ginger … and stirred in some pureed candied ginger. A single wee sip every ten minutes, then two sips every five … and his tummy settled. I think. He’s sound asleep. I’ve got more tea ready for when he wakes up thirsty.

Now … it’s 12:30, and time for me to have a shower. I stink of puke. And bed.

I hope everyone had a great (and puke-free) Easter!


7 responses to “It’s Not Really Fun Until …

  1. ooooohhhhh, poor little cameron!

    i hope he doesn’t lose his love of jellybeans!

    that electrolyte thing is such a pain, i was reading that thinking “wow, she’s got stamina. i’d send someone out for a gatorade. i can’t stand to watch my kid sick. **sigh**

    hugs to you. i hope he’s feeling better today and you got the day to yourself after all.

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  3. He’s not lost the jellybean love … has whined that he doesn’t want to share them with Lolo!

    Still sick, but no throwing up since 5:30 this morning.

  4. Oh No!! Did you end up at an urgent care?

    This reminds me… I may just borrow your steam cleaner. Do you remember where I need to use it? Maybe call me when you’ve got the poor kiddo asleep…

  5. Nope – no urgent care trip for us. I figured he wasn’t very dehydrated, and was still interactive. They would’ve taken six years to see him (me? exaggerate?) and would’ve advised me to give him sips of water, blah blah, as per the BC health Guide.

    He’s doing better. Keeping food down (just tried yogurt, and he’s begging for more). Perked up with the dose of advil I just gave him. So, finish bath, story time, bed time.

  6. I agree about the gatorade. Do you have any? Paul’s going to rehearse tonight- he could swing some by for you if you’d like…

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