Timing Could Have Been Better

Well, I feel like crap.

But this is part of the reality of being a single mom – heck, being a parent at all I’m sure – so I’ll share it.

My little love has been sick. Today while he was much better, phase II of gastroenteritis hit, and we had a few dashes to the toilet. What an amazing little guy – made it every time. This didn’t really start until well past mid-day, when the hope of a nap was already dashed, as he was feeling so much better he didn’t want to stop. We even played a little outside in the sunshine. Laundry got hung to dry, three loads of it. Feels good, as it’s money and energy saved, and line-dried clothes smell so nice.

So most of the day went really well.

The only drawback to the day was that Cameron was a little melty. He’d ask for something and if I didn’t give it to him RIGHT NOW, he’d start wailing at the top of his lungs. I could cope with this, just firmly reminded him that this was not okay behaviour, he would have to wait.

While he was up to his chin in warm water and bubbles, I figured hey, a few minutes by my self. Privacy on the toilet (we have a WC, a toilet room separate from the bathroom). This is a gem to be cherished. Lo and behold, in no time flat, “Mama! I’m ready to get out of the tub!” Uh. Kid. In the middle of something here, you’re gonna have to wait. “Two minutes, honey.” His next breath, I swear, was a howling wail.


Here’s where I lost my cool. I could have just let him wail, and chalked it up to overtiredness and recouperation. But I’d reached my limit, and started shouting (to be heard) that he was going to have to wait, and that was enough. Finished my business, I stalked back to the bathroom and informed him (over wails) that I was NOT going to get him out of the tub while he was wailing, that was NOT how to get what he wanted. It was his choice, he could be out in two minutes if he stopped wailing like that, or he could stay in there until he stopped if it took until midnight.

Yeah. D’you think this worked?

Eventually. Eventually a very sad little Cameron sat crosslegged in the tub, bubbles almost gone, sniffling, occasionally (quietly) wailing, “I’m not yelling anymore Mama!”

If it had happened in the middle of the day I wouldn’t feel bad about it at all. I would’ve said to myself, “Good, lesson learned maybe.” But late evening when he hasn’t had a nap and has been sick  and had a big scare  (long story involving me winding up sitting on the hood of a car at a crosswalk while keeping the stroller upright, we’re fine, thank goodness I chose to use the stroller for the first time in months today) AND is so tired he’d probably cry if he nearly stubbed a toe … notsocool, Mama.

So. Happinesses to end the day.

Cherry trees in full bloom all over town!

Lying on the trampoline with Cameron, the warmth of sunshine only occasionally interrupted by a cool breeze. Through the nearly-blooming pear tree branches it was pure blue sky with no clouds. Over the house the maple trees have a haze of fresh green.

Cameron happily playing with his trains in the livingroom. Yesterday he had zero interest in playing at all, so it was a relief, even the shrill choo-choo sounds.

I’d lost Cameron’s sunglasses. He saw that Samuel had a pair when we went to the beach, and desperately wanted his own, so off we went to MEC today. He was so thrilled that he raced to the display, and picked out the ones he wanted. Miraculously, they weren’t pink, didn’t have spider webs on them or Batman insignia. Just plain old sunglasses. There was no getting them off him. Even inside, he wore them on the back of his head, just to wear them.


3 responses to “Timing Could Have Been Better

  1. Uh… hugs at your day… uh… what’s this: You sitting on the hood of a car?? Did you guys get hit by a car??? WTF? Uh. I hope you got the license plate number and reported the #!@#!. Call me with the story when you get a chance. Worried about you guys…

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