Finding Playgrounds Anywhere

Cameron’s feeling much better, though still has some gastrointestinal … uh … let’s just call it ‘distress’ shall we? Still, he’s up and active again! So today I figured quick excursion on the trip home. We took a bus downtown, aiming for Skytrain, and to Cameron’s excitement we found that his favourite water feature was working. There’s a wall of water cascading along one side of a small sunken courtyard, with newly leafed and budding trees, surrounded by tall buildings. Alright, not exactly The Wild, but it’ll do for some outside fun!

We can find a playground in just about any where. It doesn’t need slides, cedar chips, or climbing walls. With a little help and imagination, we can have fun wherever we are – and make play structures out of ordinary everyday items. We climbed up the big steps. We chased each other around. We jumped down. We ran, balancing, along walls. He leaped into my arms. Benches are good for climbing up, jumping along, then jumping down from. We reached for the water, and laughed when we got splashed. We dashed along wide sidewalks, giggling and laughing, amidst business people in a hurry to get home. It was such a contrast in behaviour – giggling and playing in such a formal grown-up environment.

Have you ever run, jumped, skipped, and hopped in the middle of a city’s business district?

Off we went eventually to Sky Train to find some fun in the sun, instead of the shade of business buildings. Cameron was just about beside himself when I suggested a short stop at the playground next to Science World.

There, we rolled down grassy flowered hillsides, shot down the green tunnel slide, and romped in the playground.

Until he had to go poo. With no toilet in sight – Science World had closed for the day.

Oops. The fun had to end sometime.
(we made it in time to a McD’s, where he played briefly in the play area there too, before we headed home)


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