Trying On a New Look

Whatcha think? I really wish WordPress had a three column customizable header freebie theme.

My aims:
* To make the blog look a little more professional and make it easier to read (in terms of colour)

* To begin the transformation into a “single mom and son adventure” blog, encouraging others to find adventure in their lives too

* To tidy up the side bar a little.

Comments? Thoughts?


5 responses to “Trying On a New Look

  1. Ohdarnit! Did I pick exactly the same theme as you?

    ARgh. I did! Sorry! Uh … imitation is the most sincere form of flattery? ūüôā

    I do like this one, but man I wish there was /exactly/ what I want. I may have to upgrade and learn skins or whatever they’re called.

  2. No worries, if you like it, keep it. You’ve got a different header etc… There’s a reason why we both picked it, it’s the best of the options that are there… I’ve thought the same thing, but don’t want to spend cash on it.

  3. I like it Melanie! And I also figured out how to put you on my blogger dashboard in blogger! The feed link thing is a good idea for those wanting to do it the easier way. Makes finding you that much simpler.

    I hope it works, but if you want to see faces as opposed to seeing that quilting box beside other’s games, one can subscribe for a gravatar.


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