Round II?

Here we go again. I’d barely been at work two hours when I got the call. Cameron had puked. He had to go home.

When I got there he was a happy, jumping boy, eating cookies. Who gives a kid who just threw up cookies? Whatever. He happily announced to me that he threw up in the toilet – what a good boy, we’d talked about doing that, but he’d never quite made it. I guess it’s the … uh … flip side of potty training.

Since this is day five of puking and pooping, I figured a visit to the doctor might be in order. He’s fine. Red inner ear, ordinary cold symptoms, have to keep him hydrated. In other words, overall good news.

But the trip home is what I want to write about! Despite puking, we still manage to have adventures.

The Broadway – Cambie intersection has been a mess for months, but the end is in sight. Among other things, today the work crews were finishing the cement sidewalks. We watched as they smoothed it flat and shiny, then slowly and carefully drew a long-handled wide broom across the wet cement. With a bit of encouragement, Cameron got the attention of the man doing this, and found out why. Texture, to keep people from slipping. Even better, the man let Cameron help him! Oh how I wish I’d had a camera with me. Cameron determinedly walked backwards, smoothly drawing the broom across, leaving little lines of sweepmarks. If you ever happen to be on the northeast corner of that intersection, look down at the sidewalk you’re standing on. Cameron helped make that!

We then watched the workers put decorative lines around each ‘block’, and a straight-line pattern that we learned helps vision-impaired people know where the crosswalks are, by using their canes. Then a crane removed a telephone pole! And then we watched a pipe cleaning crew drill out concrete that had gotten into the pipes under the road. Phew.

Not bad for a sick day, eh?


5 responses to “Round II?

  1. Bloody hell. Cookies? I want to kick someone…

    But I love the sidewalk story. I’ll check it out tomorrow at work… YAY!

  2. Yup, cookies. But hey, they stayed down. It was hours later that he puked again. Maybe she knows something I don’t? 🙂

  3. Still. BRAT I tell you, BRAT. Or rather, her, not you. Hrm. must go blog. Sugar buzzed. Will be up for a while…

  4. cookies: sounds like cameron got the best end of that deal, heh. probably just the luck of the draw.

    how’s he doing today?

  5. He’s whiny and ‘sensitive’ this morning. Camped out infront of the TV watching Franklin. But he has an appetite, which is good. He saw Franklin eating peanut butter sandwhiches, and nothing else would do, he had to have one too!

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