The List Revisited

Easy post tonight, since I’m still rather ill and have zero capability to think right now. Remember back at the beginning of this year I posted a list of 65 things I wanted to do this year? Let’s take a look at what I’ve done – I’ve kept this as a running list on my desktop that I update now and then. Now, I’d like to say that I’m not treating this as a must-do list, no (or at least very little) self-judgment here, it’s just a snapshot of where I was when I wrote this. But it’s still good to try to accomplish the things we know we would like to do. Right?

1.    Take an overnight ‘holiday’ on my own. Working on it – Phil has said he and Maite can look after Cameron for a weekend!
2.    Read a book a month. Has to be one I haven’t read before! (3/12) Doing okay on this. The Night River, Ghost Map (about the London cholera epidemic and essentially the birth of microbiology and epidemiology as we know them), Three Cups of Tea, … I know there was another one too. Guess it wasn’t memorable. Also most of the way through Mountain Men.
3.    Go out on a date with a guy I actually like. At least I’ve met a couple of guys who I would consider to fall into this category, maybe, if there was any dating going on.
4.    Publish in a magazine Ohyeah. That. Darnit, I had a lead, and I think I wasted my chance. Need to contact them, see if I’ve missed all hope.
5.    Buy ‘good’ face moisturizer for myself (Hope in a Jar) Betty gave me some as a gift! Much appreciated!
6.    Teach Cameron that it’s okay for Mommy to go pee with the bathroom door closed … and him on the other side of it! Still a work in progress. I can usually keep him out, at least.

28.    Start a RESP/education savings for Cameron Well, there is money sitting in an account to DO this with. Just have to actually DO it. First task towards completing this was #29.
29.    Get Cameron a social insurance number – DONE!

45.    Plant a garden with Cameron  at least we’ve planted an indoor herb garden and we’re sprouting an avocado, have a Douglas fir tree from Earth Day celebration too but that will go to the Lake eventually …

48.    Spiff up my office, make it MINE There’s a plant in there. It’s a start. Let’s see if I remember to water it.
50.    Learn ten more words/phrases in Mandarin New phrases I can use now! I can ask if someone is busy (and recognize the phrase if I’m asked), I can tell someone I am busy or not (In other words I can put together yes/no, ‘mang’ which is busy, and “mah” which is a general query. You busy huh? No, what? Or, I’M BUSY! Apparently that’s polite enough. Also, I know how to say “See you tomorrow,” so I have variety from my old “See you later.” I get access to a fund every year to take courses related to work, and I think I may enroll in a Mandarin one in the fall semester. Should have enough $ left over after the industrial first aid course.


56.    Try twenty new recipes (5/20) Spinach pesto, turkey meatballs, cranberry-oat muffins, lemon lentil stew, chocolate cupcakes for Cameron’s birthday. I’m not counting pesto salmon, as it wasn’t really a recipe, just a yummy idea.

The rest were “to be assigned” if I recall, as I knew that things would change, and I would find neat new things to do, and perhaps do some re-prioritizing. So …

58. How odd. I didn’t have “File my taxes early” on the list. So I’m tossing that one in. DONE! (note, I’m Canadian, our taxes aren’t due until the end of this month I think)
59. Spend a month focusing on getting Cameron playing OUTSIDE every single day. It started with me challenging myself to one week of ensuring we had outdoor play time. That went over so well that I set my sights higher – one month! I think in that month we missed maybe three times. Not bad! This isn’t the end of this goal – we keep going. I’d like oudoor play time to be a part of our lives now.

60. See how many adventures or new places to explore Cameron and I can find this year! How I count this depends on the definition of adventure. I might start a new page within this blog of ideas for outdoors fun, aimed at Vancouver, but transportable anywhere else. We’ve visited new playgrounds, participated in outdoor drum circles, been to the Earth day celebration at Jericho, played on the trampoline, taken a boat ride to a place we’d never been, gone for a walk in the woods, played on several beaches in sun and rain, climbed on rocks, visited marinas, had a sunset picnic in the park, took a ferry boat (two, actually), went to Chris’ family cabin, took a long bus ride out to Mission, went swimming, spent the afternoon at Stanley Park, rolled down a daisy-speckled hill, walked an insanely long trip home.


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